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December 8th, 2008
Q&A on CTMC, St. David’s affiliation

EDITOR’s NOTE: Central Texas Medical Center president and chief executive officer Gary Jepson today released this statement in question-and-answer format.


On December 3, Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC) and St. David’s HealthCare announced a formal affiliation agreement in which the Austin-based hospital system will provide clinical and other support services to CTMC, including physician staffing in the emergency department and CTMC’s new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Here’s a quick summary of frequently asked questions to assist you in better understanding what this announcement means to you and our patients

Why did we affiliate?

By tapping into the resources of the larger St. David’s HealthCare network, we will have the opportunity to draw on St. David’s expertise and experience and put this to good use here in San Marcos, ultimately improving and enhancing the scope of care we provide to our community.

CTMC and St. David’s HealthCare executives describe the new relationship as mutually beneficial. St. David’s will work with CTMC to develop an accredited chest pain center and assist with the development and operation of the new NICU. Additionally, CTMC will look to the larger health care network for services that we do not provide.

Is St. David’s buying us /taking us over?

No. In fact, no money is changing hands at all. This agreement is strictly an affiliation through which we will be enhancing certain clinical areas within CTMC – ED and our new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) specifically. St. David’s name, logo, etc. will not be present at CTMC as a result of this affiliation.

Will my job be affected?

No. In fact, the affiliation is a strategic move to help strengthen CTMC’s position in San Marcos by enhancing services within key service lines that will help ensure that more residents will choose CTMC for care rather than heading out of town to do so.

How will this change day-to-day operations at CTMC?

Overall, there will be no visible change to operations at CTMC as a result of this affiliation. In about April 2009, Capitol Emergency Associates (CEA) will assume physician staffing responsibilities for the ED, and a new Medical Director from CEA will be named. We are hopeful that the current ED physician staffing group — Hill Country Emergency Physicians — will work in collaboration with CEA over these next few months so there may be little to no ED physician turnover.

In addition, new service enhancement efforts will commence in the ED and preparations will begin to develop an accredited Chest Pain Center.

The team that will assist with the development of our new NICU will also become visible as construction, development and eventual implementation of the service is underway. NICU operations are slated to begin with the opening of the new unit, currently slated for November/December 2009.
Additional opportunities to collaborate and partner may arise as the two organizations work more closely together. However, at this point, the agreement is specific to these areas only.

Will our name/logo/signs/ID badges be changing?

No, once again, CTMC remains CTMC and St. David’s remains St. David’s. This is an affiliation agreement that is specific to certain clinical areas only. CTMC will continue to operate as it has done for many years and no change in decision-making or control will occur.

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One thought on “Q&A on CTMC, St. David’s affiliation

  1. While I appreciate the update, I must point out that it is not entirely true. ER disposition of patients (admission, transfer, discharge, etc.) is being given over to St. David. It is naïve to think that this will not adversely impact San Marcos residents. I suspect we may see ER transfers and complete bypasses of our ER straight to St David drastically increase. While I am in favor of improving our local scope of healthcare, I do not believe selling out our local ER is the solution. That being said, I am in favor of the NICU and any other non-exclusive referral agreements deemed favorable by the hospital medical staff.

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