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November 19th, 2008
Kyle to fill ‘holes’ with large annexation plan

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KYLE – In the interest of filling numerous geographic “holes” within the city limits, Kyle’s city administration proposed a massive city-initiated annexation program at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

The annexations would considerably increase the city’s area, adding 5.59 square miles to 17.38 square miles already existing. But the annexations would not extend the city’s boundaries, because all the lands proposed for annexation already are inside the outer borders.

“I’m not trying to expand the city,” Kyle Planning Director Shira Rogers said. “I just want to clean up our boundaries.”

Most of the annexation would occur east of Interstate-35, including large tracts on either side of Dacy Lane and another large tract at the southeast intersection of Lehman Road ad Bunton Lane.

The annexation also would take in Thunderhill Raceway on the city’s south end. On the west of I-35, the city would take in land on the north frontage of Opal Lane.

A total of 12 such “holes” in the city map would be filled with the annexed lands.

Before the city can annex any of the property, it must first notify the landowners affected and allow for public comment.

As a city with more than 25,000 people (the city now is using 27,310 as its figure), Kyle can maintain two miles of extra-territorial jurisdiction outside its city limits. The city can annex the equivalent of ten percent of its city limits per year and can “bank” that amount indefinitely, meaning it could, for example, go two years between annexations, then take in 20 percent of its area.

However, having banked its annexation privileges, the city can actually annex no more than three years worth in any one year.

“It would create a lot more integrity in our boundaries,” City Manager Tom Mattis said. “A lot of our capital improvements have plans to make water and wastewater available in those areas.”

City officials indicated that many of the areas to be annexed already are receiving police protection. Police often respond to calls because it’s not obvious that those geographic holes aren’t already inside the city limits.

Download the annexation map

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2 thoughts on “Kyle to fill ‘holes’ with large annexation plan

  1. Does this mean the City might finally get around to updating that out-of-date Comprehensive Plan for the City?

    Nah. We don’t need no stinking plan….Just annex the land now, then we’ll figure it out later.

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