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November 17th, 2008
Council to discuss longer bar hours in December


San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz, fresh off the announcement that a recount of mayoral ballots confirmed her re-election, said Monday night that the city council will begin discussing extended bar hours in December.

Narvaiz said a proposal to push closing times back to 2 a.m. will go on an agenda next month as a discussion item. The mayor added that there’s no chance the city will institute new on-premise drinking hours before New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31.

“We were told by our feedback from the bar businesses that they would have to have it scaled in over six months so they could adjust for staffing and get themselves ready,” Narvaiz said.

San Marcos went big on Nov. 4 in a non-binding resolution to extend the city’s bar hours to 2 a.m. Out of more than 13,000 votes cast, 71.2 percent (9,374) went in favor of the change, with 28.8 percent (3,789) voting in opposition.

Bars in San Marcos close at midnight every night except Saturday, when they remain open until 1 a.m.

Narvaiz had opposed extending bar hours in the past. However, she supported the extension, as did her opponents, David Newman and Daniel McCarthy, during the recent election campaign.

Supporters of the initiative believe the present San Marcos bar hours will either hurt the city’s ability to build a visiting conference business around the new San Marcos Conference Center and Embassy Suites, or at least prevent the city from capturing revenues as visitors take their night life business to Austin.

Additionally, supporters believe the extension of hours would cut down on traffic accidents as young people stay in town rather than try to hit the last couple bar hours in Austin after the establishments close in San Marcos.

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