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November 14th, 2008
The weekend: Besides WUMF festival, a good time coming

The Band of Heathens is playing Saturday night at Cheatham Street Warehouse.By HAP MANSFIELD
Scene Editor

So, the weekend is here and, for two days, you won’t have to look at your boss. Or, better yet, your employees. Here is our quick look at what’s happening on the fun scene this weekend in San Marcos.

Friday, November 14

After a long and tense week there’s nothing like a good Hatha Yoga stretch to release tension and align the body. Today, at 5 p.m. you can be guided by certified Sivananda Yoga instructor, Tina Baumgartner, to do just that at the San Marcos Library. The class is free. Bring a towel or a blanket to sit on.

The World United Music Festival and Radio Conference begins today. See the Mercury story for details. There’s music for all tastes and age groups, and it promises to be quite a gathering. The Festival opens at 11 a.m. each day and will be here through Sunday.

It’s Full Moon Friday at Ringtail, and there’s a get-together to watch the moon rise in this beautiful natural setting. The San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance provides the parking, sodas, ice, cups, picnic ware and the fire pit to sit around. You and your family are free to bring hot dogs, marshmallows or anything else you can cook over an open fire. They’ll be setting up at 5 p.m. and won’t be leaving until the moon clears the trees. Sounds like a wonderful outing for everyone. RSVP to so you can be notified of any changes due to weather. Don’t forget your guitar or harmonica if you’ve got ‘em.

At Riley’s Houston’s honky-tonkin’ daddy, Johnny Falstaff with be onstage at 8 p.m. Falstaff’s skills are legion. He can jumpstart your motor with one song. Wear your Dr. Scholl’s air-pillow insoles, because you’ll be tapping your feet all night.

Saturday, November 15

Early rising adventurers will want to take the hike on the new connecting trail in Upper Purgatory at 8 a.m. today. The San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance will serve as your Virgil on the rugged trail. Make sure to wear long pants, closed-toe strong shoes and a hat, and don’t forget your water and sunscreen. You’ll see some beautiful scenery, so bring along your camera. The hike should take about two hours.

The Fifth Annual Jason Broderick Memorial Skateboard Contest starts today at the Skate Park of San Marcos behind the public library. Registration is at 11 a.m., The contest starts at 1 p.m. Be prepared for nosegrinds and kick flips and hope for no major slams, which can look slightly amusing on YouTube, but are painful and ugly up close.

If you decided to skip the World United Festival this weekend, you can still be part of music history at the Cheatham Street Warehouse tonight by watching Band of Heathens take the stage at 9 p.m. This gig is being filmed for the PBS show “Texas Music Café” and, according to Kent Finlay, Band of Heathens are going to be very big stars. He should know. He’s seen enough of them come through the place. Try not to miss this one.

Sunday, November 16

The Fifth Annual Jason Broderick Memorial Skateboard Contest Ditch competition takes place today on access road Northbound Interstate-35 between Kyle and San Marcos. Registration on Sunday starts at 11 a.m. with the competition starting at 1p.m.  Go out and support your local skateboarders.

Play video games all day in honor of Shigeru Miyamoto’s birthday. He changed the texture of modern life with his world- renowned work. Like what, you may ask? Well, how about Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Pikmin, Nintendogs, Metroid Prime, F-Zero and, more recently Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii. That’s right, this Japanese video game designer is often labeled the “father of modern video games.”

Interestingly enough Miyamoto, born in 1952, doesn’t play many video games. He prefers noodling on the banjo and the guitar. And his kids don’t play many of the games, either. His daughter has only a passing interest, and his son wants to become a professional surfer. So much for the idea that video games turn kids into couch potatoes. For those interested, Miyamoto is currently working on the next installment of the Pikmin series.

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4 thoughts on “The weekend: Besides WUMF festival, a good time coming

  1. I’m getting a pop-up message on the World United Music Festival website this morning (Sunday), saying the festival is canceled for the weekend. Anybody know what’s up with that?

  2. I participated in the Festival as a musician. It was a TOTAL SCAM!! Big House Sound were the guys who walked on Friday. Checks were bouncing everywhere. City of San Marcos cut the power Saturday night…It was truly appalling. The bill boasted that they were to have 150 bands. It was more like 25 bands. Everyone had to pay for EVERYTHING. Hotel. Food. Travel Expenses. Oh yeah btw, none of us got paid! My band played the mixer that was on Tuesday. After the performance, I was greeted with a few of the backers. They bragged the entire evening about how much money was vested in the Festival. My interaction was very strange. Since Tuesday I have been researching the event and making my own projections. There is sooooo much to disclose about what happened here…I am in the process of contacting the proper authorities in efforts to address one of the biggest SCAMS i have ever witnessed. Stay tuned my friends.

    The San Martian.

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