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November 14th, 2008
BREAKING NEWS: Newman files for recount, McCarthy endorses Newman in event of runoff

San Marcos resident and mayoral candidate Dave Newman has officially filed for a recount in his recent loss to current Mayor Susan Narvaiz. Citing the close nature of the election, with Narvaiz winning with 50.08% of the vote, Newman felt he “owed it to his supporters” to challenge the results.

“I thought it was only fair to my supporters and the people who voted,” said Newman when asked why he requested the recount. He also pointed out that he and Daniel McCarthy carried 49.98% of the vote.

“Since it was such a tight number it merited a recount,” said Newman.

Newman does not expect to find any instances of fraud or irregularities in the recount, however he does cite the possibility of other factors. “There’s always Human error,” said Newman, who then spoke of the possible difficulties in handling the infrastructure of such a hotly contested election that also had a record turnout.

Former mayoral candidate Daniel McCarthy was vocal in his support of Newman’s efforts, and went on to endorse him in the event of a runoff. “I’m very excited for Dave,” said McCarthy. “I’m confident that San Marcos best interests are at stake here. In the event of a runoff I endorse Dave Newman.”

According to Newman both he and McCarthy found a great deal of common ground during the campaign.

“Mr. McCarthy and I agree on a lot of issues and Mayor Narvaiz was on the other side,” said Newman. “Our goals were more in agreement in issues like green space, bike lanes, sidewalks and recycling. I don’t think Mayor Narvaiz was that sensitive to those issues”

McCarthy praised Narvaiz for her campaign work ethic but expressed belief that this is far from over.

“She ran a fair campaign and worked her ass off, but if it goes to a runoff she’s got her work cut out for her,” said McCarthy.

Newman was clear that his request for a recount was not an effort to waste the public’s time.

“I gave this quite a bit of thought,” said Newman. “I’m not trying to waste anyone’s time. There was 49.92% of the voters that voted for someone other than Susan Narvaiz and the way the law reads there’s an opportunity for the people to have their voice heard.”

“I’m just playing by the rules”, said Newman. “That’s what I’m going by. Plus I think I can do a better job”

As of press time Mayor Narvaiz could not be reached for comment. City Council will meet Monday at 5 PM to discuss the results of the election.

by Sean Wardwell
Managing Editor

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0 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Newman files for recount, McCarthy endorses Newman in event of runoff

  1. Update:

    Election officials will meet Monday at 10 AM to conduct the recount. City Council will meet and swear in the winners of the election at 5 PM.

    Should the recount not favor Newman he will bear the responsibility for its expenses and has already made a $480 deposit towards them.

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  3. Susan did the same thing the first time she ran for mayor and lost by a few votes. It’s not a waste of time, it’s democracy.

  4. When Susan first ran for Mayor, we weren’t using electronic voting – the eSlate has only been here since November 2005. A recount was absolutely necessary back then, on the punch card ballots. But a lot has changed since then.

    My prediction: unless there is an adjustment in the provisional or overseas ballots (which I highly doubt), there will be no change. The early voting and election day totals will not change. It wasn’t humans doing the tallying, it was a computer – reading the data right off of the precinct data cards.

    That being said, it is Newman’s right under our process. Thankfully it’s also his responsibility to pay for it.

  5. There is a human aspect even with e-Slate; being sure the number of ballots cast equals the number of ballots signed off on.

    In addition, absentee (paper) ballots when overwhelmingly for Narvaiz, so even a few flips there could make a difference. IIRC we had at least one vote flip in Bose/Prather last year (with e-Slate).

    The good news is, once this recount happens and barring any serious changes, this race will FINALLY be over.

  6. The # of ballots versus votes cast is checked on election night, so that’s not *really* likely to change. Even if it does, how do you resolve THAT issue? If a precinct has 100 signatures and 101 votes, where do you remove the errant vote?

    The Bose/Prather recount DID result in two additional votes being validated – both were mail-in ballots. (The votes were evenly split, so there was no net effect.) The totals from eSlate (early voting and election day) remained unchanged. So unless the ballot board last Monday incorrectly invalidated enough ballots AND those ballots ALL fall for Newman or McCarthy, the end result will remain the same.

  7. I guess you would have to go through each vote to determine what vote to remove, then go through the process of finding out what went wrong. I’ll agree that there very unlikely to have more than just a few changes/additions, not enough to change the outcome. But Dave’s paying for it and it is his right. No harm done just to be sure all votes are counted.

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