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November 5th, 2008
The Christophers–band of the week

Talented local band The Christophers is getting back into the San Marcos music scene after a period of relative inactivity. Members Chris Borchers, Chad Wilbur, Chris Teague, and Paul Adams all appeared at the Triple Crown last week in a free show.

The Christophers formed in late 2005. “We were a three-piece for a long time, Chris [Teague], Chad and I. We all have a musical background, but it’s all kinds of musical backgrounds,” said Chris Borchers. “I like more noise and rock and metal and bluegrass.”

“Paul started playing with us on and off about 6 months ago. We used to do a monthly happy hour at the Triple Crown for a year or so,” said Wilbur.

“Chris [Teague] and I had known each other for years,” said Borchers, “and we ran into Chad at a party. Paul I met just through the local scene. I was in a couple bands with Paul on the side while I was playing in this band. Just from hanging out and being around when we didn’t have a drummer, he joined.”

The Christophers play many different styles of music; their approach is reminiscent of mellow bands like the Shins, but with a country twist. Many of the songs played in their sets are covers. “The most frequent covers we do are of the Flaming Lips, a couple of Catherine Wheel songs. We do have a few originals,” said Wilbur. “Stylistically we’re all over the place. We’ll have songs with overtly Christian lyrics and then some songs are just the exact opposite.”

“I’ve written all the originals so far, but everyone’s really creative,” said Borchers. “We’re definitely a team. I think we’re influenced by dramatic music. I think we’re influenced by music with a lot of emotion.”

“I’m such a music freak that I think I’m influenced by everything I hear, musical or not, even the sounds I hear around me everyday,” said Wilbur. “Be it the birds chirping or industrial noises, I find music in all sorts of stuff. We basically only had one original song that we performed for the first couple of years of playing together, and just recently we started playing more originals.”

“We try to have a variety of different things we can do. We could play a really short original set, but we actually know a lot of songs and we can play for a long time, too,” said Borchers.

Playing together for a few years as they have, the Christophers have performed at various venues in Texas. “Beethoven’s in San Antonio is a great place to play, and we play a lot of parties, and of course here at the Triple Crown,” said Borchers. “This is probably the top of my list. I love this place, because this is where everybody who loves music who lives in San Marcos comes. They have music every day and a big variety.”

“We really consider San Marcos our headquarters because we’ve played at the Triple Crown so much. We’re geographically spread out. Chris [Borchers] and Paul live in San Marcos, Chris [Teague] lives in Seguin, and I live in Austin,” said Wilbur.

The Christophers will put out an album eventually, but plans are still in the works. “We record whenever we can and we’re working on putting out something sometime soon. We have one song up on Myspace and we have three or four other tunes that we’re trying to finish up, and hopefully we’ll have a record, I’m just not sure when,” said Borchers.

For more information on the Christophers and to listen to one of their songs, go to


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