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November 5th, 2008
Narvaiz, Jones returned to city council

Managing Editor

Pending tabulation of a provisional and overseas ballots, Mayor Susan Narvaiz was elected to a third term Tuesday night, avoiding a runoff by the narrowest of margins.

Narvaiz won 6,449 votes, 50.08 percent, to retired pilot Dave Newman’s 3,867, 30.03 percent, while Texas State University student Dan McCarthy took 2,562 votes, 19.80 percent.

“I have to give all the glory to God. I will always give the glory to God,” Narvaiz told supporters at the San Marcos convention center she was instrumental in building.

Across town at Tres Hermanas restaurant, Newman conceded upon returns from precinct 334, a heavily student box he thought might pull Narvaiz’s totals below 50 percent and force a runoff.

“We fought the good fight and I have to congratulate Susan on her campaign and winning the race,” Newman said. “It got a little heated from time to time but I think we both maintained our humanity.”

Voters also returned council member Chris Jones to office with 6,165 votes, 55.6 percent, to Lisa Marie Coppoletta’s 4,923 votes, 44.4 percent. Running unopposed, Fred A. Terry garnered 8,818 votes.

A nonbinding referendum on extending bar hours to 2 a.m. garnered 9,374 votes, 71.2 percent, with 3,789 voting against. All 18 proposed amendments to the city charter were also approved with margins ranging from 64 to 80 percent.

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One thought on “Narvaiz, Jones returned to city council

  1. The provisional and oversea’s ballots have been reviewed and counted and Mayor Susan is still the winner!

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