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October 30th, 2008
Congressman Lloyd Doggett in town to discuss ONE campaign

Congressman Lloyd Doggett met with San Marcos residents Wednesday night at the Christ Chapel to discuss the ONE Campaign, an AIDS and poverty relief movement.  Pastor Jamie Bouzard, Campus Chaplain, gave a brief timeline of Doggett’s achievements before formally introducing and giving the floor to the congressman.

Congressman Doggett, who serves in the US House of Representatives for the 25th District of Texas, shared his views and objectives about the project. “The goals of ONE are those that focus on the poor and infliction of AIDS – to reduce the rate of woman who die during childbirth, to halt the spread of AIDS, to show attention to our least fortunate,” said Doggett. “To continue seeing these problems means that we’re not doing enough.”

The Congressman’s speech covered issues such as relief efforts, the economic crisis and even the importance of new presidential leadership.

Several residents asked what they could do to help make a difference. “Inform your neighbors, colleagues, and friends; write letters to your editor, mayor, congressman—the more people fighting for this cause, the greater the chances of change,” said Doggett.

Congressman Doggett further persuaded citizens to write and contact officials to show their support for the project. “We need more effective methods apart from ideology, it’s not just a matter of educating elected officials, it’s more of getting people aware,” said Doggett. “It is our social responsibility to address the needs of others.”

Among those who attended was Texas State English professor, Susan Hanson.  Hanson, with a few students, is pioneering the on-campus movement at Texas State.  Hanson first learned about the ONE campaign through Facebook; became increasingly interested and was soon the student group sponsor.

“I really cared about the issues addressed by the campaign and wanted to help students channel their energy and helpfulness,” said Hanson.    “We currently have an interest group on Facebook, however we’re trying to find students to lead—students who are willing to spend time and become more educated about the subject.”

The ONE campaign also seeks to increase efforts to fight global poverty and AIDS by advocating debt cancellation, increased international assistance, fair trade, and fighting corruption.

For more information about the ONE campaign visit

by Ashley Cass

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