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October 27th, 2008
City manager announces major government realignment

From the city of San Marcos

City Manager Rick Menchaca has announced the realignment of City of San Marcos functions and services that will change the organizational structure and department alignment in many areas.

“My goal with the realignment is to improve the development process, add depth to our organizational capacity, and enhance economic development support,” Menchaca said. “This realignment supports the City Council’s goals and objectives adopted for the 2009 budget year.”

The new structure establishes Community and Management Services under Assistant City Manager Collette Jamison and Development Services under Assistant City Manager Laurie Anderson. Numerous departments have been realigned under the two broad areas.

Departments Reporting to City Manager

Several departments will continue reporting directly to City Manager Menchaca, including Police, Fire & Rescue, Airport, Communications and Intergovernmental Relations, and Emergency Management.

Community and Management Services

Jamison will have oversight over four directors of Community Services, Technology Services, Finance and Human Resources. The Finance Department will include Accounting, Utility Customer Services, Purchasing and Budget.

Rodney Cobb has been named Director of Community Services where he will supervise Parks and Recreation, Park Rangers, Library, Women, Infants and Children (WIC), Health and Animal Services, and Facilities.

Development and Public Services

Assistant City Manager Anderson will provide oversight to three directors of Development Services, Capital Improvements and Public Services.

Tom Taggart has been named Director of Public Services, which includes Electric, Water and Wastewater Utilities and Transportation. Each utility will be supervised by an assistant director.

Development Services will include Planning, the Permit Center, Geographical Information Services (GIS), and Neighborhood Services. This department combines functions under one umbrella to address all aspects of economic and community growth and development.

The Capital Improvements Department is a new area that will focus duties that were previously handled by the Engineering Department. This focus will promote the City’s ability to promptly and efficiently implement the Capital Improvements Program. The CIP establishes priorities and funding for major projects, including streets, drainage, water, wastewater, electric and facilities for the community.

“The new structure will bring a fresh focus on essential services provided by the City of San Marcos in a way that will help us be proactive and more productive,” Menchaca said. “I am pleased with the depth of talent and positive attitudes of our staff as we strive to take our public service to a new level.”

The City has advertised to fill positions of Development Services Director, Capital Improvements Director and Chief Technology Officer.

The realignment took effect October 7, although some changes will be phased in as positions are filled.

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