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October 22nd, 2008
City Council sets target goals for new fiscal year

The San Marcos City Council embarked on the new budget year October 1 with a vision for the future and four primary goals for the next year.The City Council has spent several days in the past five months in special workshops assessing the priorities that citizens have, discussing their vision and specific objectives to be achieved in the next 12-18 months.

“The City Council has worked very hard to identify the issues our citizens care about and the important tasks we must undertake,” said Mayor Susan Narvaiz. “We have made a concerted effort to focus our goals on a few significant issues with achievable and measurable priorities. This will help our staff in their work and help the community understand the direction of city government.”

The goals adopted by the City Council for the new budget year are:

1. Expand Economic Development

2. Improve the Image of San Marcos

3. Enhance the Region’s Transportation Grid

4. Improve Collaboration between the City of San Marcos and Regional Entities.

Economic Development

Under the category of Economic Development, the City Council set priorities of conducting a strategic plan and identifying funding sources and incentives to support job-creating businesses development.

Other objectives are to expand higher educational opportunities for citizens by joining the Austin Community College District, provide workforce retraining for citizens, and fund elements of the recently adopted Downtown Master Plan.

Improving the Image of San Marcos

A second goal is to improve the image of San Marcos by embarking on a branding project to identify what the community wants to be, improving customer service, reflecting an openness for business and commercial development, and expanding parks and open space.

Other objectives include partnerships with the San Marcos Consolidate Independent School District to publicize the district’s academic achievements. The City will also pursue beautification projects in landscaping, aesthetics and a general community clean up.

The goal also commits to supporting safe, quite and quality neighborhoods.

Enhance the Region’s Transportation Grid

Transportation issues will be addressed by the City of San Marcos at many levels. The City will seek funding to make San Marcos more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

The City will continue projects to connect to major roads in the region, create a Transit Oriented District (TOD) plan that allows for commuter rail development and partner with Texas State University-San Marcos on plans for a mass transportation system. In addition, the City Council plans to evaluate ordinances associated with creation of a city-wide cab system.

Improve Collaboration between the City of San Marcos and Regional Entities

The fourth goal set by the City Council will seek avenues to participate in regional organizations, including transportation, planning, university relations and public safety. The San Marcos-Hays County EMS system will be reviewed to determine the need for a county-wide EMS system.

The City will continue working closely with Texas State University administration and students on issues of mutual interest.

“The growth of the Austin -San Antonio corridor, with San Marcos squarely in the center, means that we must actively address issues of growth, the economy, keeping our unique identity, transportation issues and regional relationships,” Mayor Narvaiz said. “This is an exciting time for our community and we have great opportunities to make a significant impact on the future of San Marcos.”

by Melissa Millecam
City of San Marcos

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