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October 21st, 2008
Newstreamz Video Extra – League of Women Voters Mayoral Debate

On Monday night, October 20th, The League of Women Voters held a debate for all contested local races. The first debate held was for Mayor of San Marcos, and the participants of this debate are Susan Narvaiz, Dan McCarthy, and Dave Newman.

Stay tuned to Newstreamz for complete coverage of this debate as well as full election coverage over the next two weeks.

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0 thoughts on “Newstreamz Video Extra – League of Women Voters Mayoral Debate

  1. Sure do wish I would have just paraphrased my opening statement.
    We will be the greenest city in Texas two years from now after I’m elected. We will also be as vibrant and culturally unique as we were before the arts took a back seat to development sometime around the beginning of this decade.

  2. Daniel McCarthy’s statement is naïve, ill conceived, misleading, and misinformed. Empty promises are just that. The mayor just doesn’t have that kind of power, thank goodness. I would be interested to know which city in Texas is the greenest, and what specifically Daniel thinks could be done in two years that would significantly improve our “green” status. Daniel should do his homework, before shooting off his mouth/e-mail. Then, he should present his arguments in a cohesive fashion. If he is a serious candidate, he shouldn’t be making idiotic, unverifiable statements about how “the arts took a back seat to development” some eight years ago.
    Admittedly I don’t live within the city limits, but I have met with Mayor Narvais. She is invested in performing arts, came to see our musical OLIVER!, and calls me by name when she sees me.

  3. He plans to unplug all city building and install solar panels! I wonder if he is going to get the solar panel manufacturers to donate them since we sure as hell don’t have the money to buy them all.

  4. Interestingly, the city did have 4 million lying around to throw at developers….

    Narvaiz: Throw money at developers and the’ll make the city prosperous!

    McCarthy: Focus on the arts and make the city green!

    Wait, which one is naive?

  5. I think both of these statements are a little Naive. Mr. McCarthy’s vision of a green city is important and is not naive, however the way he wants to do it is. It would be VERY expensive to power the city with solar panels, and frankly, our money could be spent better elsewhere. Not to say that green isn’t important, it is. But before we ever were to invest in something so costly we need to make sure that individually we are all doing our part to contribute to a green city.

    Furthermore, Mr. McCarthy does not have a basic understanding of our city. He does not know the answers to basic questions. When asking him about the general revenue fund, I had to explain to him what it is. I do not expect candidates to know everything. The most important aspect in a candidate is their vision, however a basic base of knowledge is necessary to be able to get anything done, and I feel he lacks that basic knowledge.

    Mayor Narvaiz has been a little too developer happy for my taste, however there is a fine line to walk. In order to compete on a state and national level, we have to invite some of these corporations and big businesses in. There has to be some development. At the same time, we never want to grow so much that we lose our reputation as the small business capital of Texas. Its a thin line to walk, but we must walk it, and walk it with extreme caution.

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