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October 17th, 2008
Newstreamz Band of the week – Texas FX

Separately, Hays High School students J.W. Welch, Josh Delgado, Haydn Thomas, and Jon Johnson are just a bunch of musically talented 16-year-olds, but together they form the band Texas FX. Playing together for nearly two years now Texas FX play many of their shows in San Marcos.The band mates who met through school, as Haydn Thomas told Newstreamz just decided one day to start a band; “Jon Johnson came up to me one day in school and said, ‘hey, I want to get a band together.’ I told him I had a drummer in mind, which was Josh. When I asked him he said he didn’t know if he had enough time, but when he figured that out with his parents he became our drummer.”

“We fooled around with just the three of us (Josh, Haydn, and Jon,) we didn’t have much of a steady bass player because Jon wasn’t playing bass at the time. We went through two different bass players and Jon just ended up being the bass player,” Thomas went on; “That’s when we brought in J.W. here. He was one of our classmates and we knew that he had been playing guitar and he came to practice with us a couple times.”

“It was pretty funny,” added Josh Delgado. “One day Jon came up to me and said, ‘hey, I’ll carry your books around for a whole week if you join our band.’ I didn’t really know them that well out of school, but that’s changed. They’re all my best friends.”

Texas FX has many influences. George Straight is one, and Josh commented, “I personally like Stony LaRue and Wade Bowen, and Cross Canadian Ragweed. We get our biggest influence from that Texas country type, just Americana.”

“I get most of my influences from different genres of music,” interjected Haydn. “I enjoy all music.”

With a promising career ahead of them, Texas FX still have a long way to go and several personal goals to accomplish. “This summer we’re going to try to tour around Texas,” said Josh, “maybe try to set up some kind of mini-tour. We got to play at Fire Fest, that’s a big thing here in Buda. We’ve also been playing a lot at Cheatham Street in San Marcos with Kent Finley. He’s been helping us out a lot. Hopefully we’re going somewhere.”

“I think our goals are mainly just to be busy on the road enough to be where we don’t have to carry out a different job,” Haydn continued. “We could be happy with what we’re doing. We’d be playing enough to make a living at it.”

With a busy schedule and future plans aside, the band is currently working on their first promotional EP. “We’re trying to get a CD out,” said Delgado. “We’ve been working on it. We started in September and we’re hopefully going to get it out sometime early next year. We have all the rough tracks down and we just finalized four of the songs. We’re going to start shipping it off places and promoting it more.”

In addition to working on their debut album, Texas FX has been an active presence in the local music scene.”I personally like festivals, like the one we just got done playing, Fire Fest,” said Thomas. “Hopefully more festivals will come to us. I think that’s probably what’s going to help us out the most.”

Haydn Thomas does most of the writing, but all the members collaborate on the final product. “When we’re sitting there tuning up,” said Josh, “and there’s not a lot of noise you can hear the people that come out to our shows wanting to hear the song, ‘How’s that sound,'” and we usually oblige.

Texas FX is playing on November 1 at the Cheatham Street Warehouse, one of their favorite venues. For more information on the band check them out online at

by Sarah Stevens

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