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October 7th, 2008
Nigerian pastor, Ani Simonson, visits PromiseLand San Marcos

PromiseLand San Marcos has had the privilege of hosting Nigerian pastor, Ani Simonson, for the last 5 days. Pastor Simonson is such a blessing to host because of his faith filled life and rich heritage. However, it is very educational as well. Their way of life in Africa is culturally opposite from America in many ways. Here are some of the things I learned during his stay: * There are 2 types of medical facilities in Nigeria – a cheap version for minor cuts or bruises. This is a very risky place. You enter at ‘your own risk’. The other facility is for the rich only. You must pay BEFORE any services are offered. No exceptions. Therefore, if you cut your arm off and you don’t have money, you are not allowed entrance into the hospital. There is no help from medical staff regardless of your medical condition. No health insurance, no credit. This is why bullet #2 is so important…
* He and his wife wake up at midnight (every night) and pray until 3am. They go back to sleep and then wake up at 6am for another hour of prayer. He goes to the church property, which currently has no buildings or facilities, and stays there throughout the day. He prays with people as they walk by and request assistance.
* His tribe is the one who appeared in ‘Amazing Grace’ the blockbuster movie about abolitionists in England and Western Africa. There are still slavery houses in his home town. Tourists can travel through them to see how it actually happened.

When we begin to think about our economy and the affects of a recession, maybe we should think about the rest of the world and put it in a different perspective.

Pastor – PromiseLand San Marcos

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