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October 5th, 2008
Newstreamz Video Extra – Texas State Band Halftime Performance

The Texas State Marching Band performed their halftime performance “Firedance” at the Texas Southern game on Saturday. Here is the complete performance.

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0 thoughts on “Newstreamz Video Extra – Texas State Band Halftime Performance

  1. :::yawn::: have they started playing yet? i see them moving, but i can’t hear anything. lol. what about texas southern’s half-time performance? they must be doing something right for our fans/students/band to be dancing/singing along with what they put on the field!

  2. Thanks for the Bobcat sports news/video coverage. Up here in Dallas we don’t get much of anything except UT and a&M, so I’m grateful to your website. Thanks again and great job.

  3. Texas Southern’s band faced the student section, and I was on the Home side so the audio isn’t that great. And because the audio wasn’t fantastic, I didn’t record their halftime performance fully.

    Next time the Ocean of Soul comes to town (hopefully sooner rather than later) I’ll be sure to record their halftime from the visitor’s side.

    I’ll start doing more game reports and bonus video as the season progresses. Stay tuned to Newstreamz!

  4. This is a bunch of FLUFF…What I want to know is how much did Texas State pay the refs to look the other way…mid way throught the 3rd quarter, Texas Southern (the real TSU) broke the pylon for a score. In the fourth quarter when Texas State stopped them at them one yard line…should of also been a score…The REAL score should have been Texas Southern WINS by a point…The weak play as well as the degrading leadership of the coaching staff will surely get the Bobcats TEETH knocked in…

    BTW…The Bobcat Band is wretched as well…play with some passion and with some balls…if you have have any…Texas Southern’s Band Sound filled the TOWN…

    WAKE UP!!

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