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October 3rd, 2008
Kyle Police Department ramps up police recruiting efforts

Department uses conventional and non-conventional marketing strategies


After months of waiting, the City of Kyle and the Kyle Police Department have hit the ground running in striving to attract the best and brightest in police officer candidates.

In the highly competitive marketplace of police recruiting, the Kyle Police Department seeks to set itself apart from other agencies, and is sending their message out into the streets through their

“Now Hiring Heroes” campaign.

From 2000 to 2008, the population of this Austin suburb has witnessed explosive growth from 5400 residents to an estimated population of 30,000. Within the next 7 years, Kyle’s projected growth is estimated to be between 50,000 to 60,000 residents.

Along with customary advertising outlets, the Kyle Police Department embraced using their marked patrol fleet to seek out candidates to fill their 11 current police officer vacancies.

“Borrowing marketing strategies from the business sector, what more efficient method could be applied by the police department as a means to secure 24 hour a day, seven day a week advertising” said Kyle Police Chief Michael Blake.

According to police officials, three Kyle police officers were unknowingly called to the police station for department photographs. The three officers, pictured from left to right, Officers’ Diane Talamantes, Sam Valverde, and Tracy Vrana had no idea as to the purpose of the photos until seeing their likenesses emblazoned across the rear glass of the Kyle police cruisers.

Since Civil Service approval by Kyle voters earlier this year, Kyle’s first entrance level Police Civil Service Examination will be held on October 18, 2008 at Lehman High School in Kyle. Should the test list expire, and additional qualified candidates are needed to fill Kyle vacancies, a second civil service test will be held to help the police department fill its ranks.

In its recruiting, the City of Kyle touts being the fifth fastest growing city in the State while maintaining one of the lowest crime rates in all of central Texas.

City of Kyle

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4 thoughts on “Kyle Police Department ramps up police recruiting efforts

  1. well iam Eugenio miguel sanchez iam 23 years old iam mexican n half white i want to be come a cop but iam lil slow at some things. that why it hard for me to get a job. here and there. but i did work at the kyle prison. i was a gurd fo about al most a year. i deal with alot of offenders. i know how to do my job bye the book.and i did a corse on the force be for i got the job self def class. we take and i know my things that i need to know.and iam a bright young man.and i got a good heart. and iam honsty and faith full i want to be come some one be for it to late. i got alot of dreams n golas.and i never been in trb. with the law no speeding tickets nothing never been in jail never will 🙂 aman for that thank god for keeping me out of the streets this is a dream for me to be come a cop not just a cop a cop that helps every one out that some one to talk to and knows how to handle things most of the time and i got a bright mind well if you can let me know about this job it really means alot i got my dads brother is a cop for a long time his name is roger sanchez he worke for the austin police dpaartment for a while now he tells me what i need to get done as a police and he very helpfull all the time and my mom wifes friend he a austin police name danny amador a you can call him up there ask him about me i go bye gene sanhez he knows me bye okay well thank you aging so let me know okay thanks god bless you all hard working great officers 🙂 thank you for makeing the world a greater place dear god thank you for the police officers i see dat are true helping to make the world
    greater place aman 🙂 bye eugenio miguel sanchez

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