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October 1st, 2008
PAC formed to advocate bar hours referendum

From Hospitality San Marcos S-PAC

On August 14, 2008 the City Council of San Marcos voted to place on the November 4th ballot a non-binding referendum asking the voters to express their opinion on the extension of hours for the consumption of alcohol at bars within the city limits.

Hospitality San Marcos S-PAC feels that the city’s decision to place this referendum on the ballot was a prime example of continuing to move the city in the right direction and paving the way for a more prosperous and safer future. Our PAC will make the case in the next few months that the passage of this referendum will not only save lives, but create economic opportunity as well.

As a group of concerned citizens, we have noticed that far too many people leave San Marcos after the bars close at one o’clock on Saturdays and at midnight the rest of the week in search of later closing times. These people often make dangerous round trips to Austin and back, endangering themselves and others. We feel that the solution to this problem is to give people the opportunity to stay in San Marcos, keeping our drivers off dangerous IH 35 late at night.  We have seen too many results of San Marcos drivers coming back from Austin because of our limited closing time.  According to the University Star, Texas State’s student newspaper, Councilwoman Pam Couch echoed this concern, saying “I just want to get the kids off Interstate 35.”  Safety of our citizens is cited by proponents of the referendum as the key reason for their support of this resolution.

As a group of small business owners we see the passage of this referendum as the next logical step for the city, and admire the judgment of the city council for placing this referendum on the ballot with an overwhelming majority.

Passing this referendum will also create new jobs for our citizens and increase the sales tax revenue for the city, thus helping the city become more prosperous and safer.

Hospitality San Marcos S-PAC was formed to advocate the passage of this referendum. Our growing group consists of small business owners including Jason Tarr, Ruben Becerra, Ryan Thomason, Scott Gregson, Allen Shy, and Joe Gomez, San Marcos Chamber of Commerce member.

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