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September 24th, 2008
The Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors endorses passage of the Hays County Road Bond Package

Kyle, Texas- Kyle Texas is the fastest growing city in the third fastest growing county in all of our great state of Texas. In Kyle we have had over 20,000 new residents in ten brief years. The reasons they make Kyle their home are many. We are truly a simply charming community with honest hard working folks, great schools, a low tax rate, events and places for families to play, along with plenty of room for new businesses to flourish. Additionally, there are currently two major retail projects under construction that will bring approximately two-million square feet of retail and a large 210-bed hospital to Kyle in just over a year from now, and so much more. We have an opportunity to protect our way of life and take pro active action and deal with transportation issues now.Hays County voters will be asked to pass a $207 million bond issue this November. A large chunk of that money will be designated to address transportation issues in Northern Hays County. The improvements along IH 35 will not only make the roads safer, but also more efficient for those traveling to and from our new retail centers. Some will say that it is too expensive, but what is the price of a loved one’s life? Some will say if we do not build it they will not come, try driving anywhere in Austin around 8 am or getting on IH-35 in Kyle from 1626 or Beebe road and you will know that “they” are already here. Some will say that new roads are bad for the neighborhood, try explaining the long wait and waste of gas to a family trying to get to an after school activity for their child. Some say that just wait and the Texas Department of Transportation will build these roads on their own. Federal And State funding cannot keep up with the current roads we have now. The average home owner would pay labout six dollars a month. Less that the price of a lunch meal per month.

October 6th is the last day to register to vote, early voting October 20th-31st, last day to vote is November 4th. You can pick up voter registration cards at the Kyle Chamber office or Kyle City Hall. The postage is free and takes less than a minute to fill out. Please visit for additional information.

The Kyle Chamber Board of Directors calls on all to vote to save lives, save time, and save gas by voting for roads, VOTE YES for the Hays County Road Bond Package.

The time for action is now. Ask yourself “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?”

Executive Director – Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce

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0 thoughts on “The Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors endorses passage of the Hays County Road Bond Package

  1. It is great to see the support for this bond, which will fund a number of projects needed throughout the county.

    Please also keep in mind that $133 million of this money is eligible to be repaid by TxDOT. This is likely the last opportunity we will get to take advantage of that offer.

  2. I just came across this quote in the Austin Business Journal, from last May, when the first road bond effort failed.

    ****”Are people standing in line waiting to scoop up dollars that Hays could leave on the table?” says Bob Daigh, TxDOT’s top engineer in Austin. “You bet they are.”

    Daigh says the future of the pass-through agreement is up to Hays County officials. But he also says he’s received queries from several county commissioners asking him how their counties could obtain the money if Hays County terminates the pass-through agreement.****

    A lot of people have worked very hard to make this bond package better for the whole county than the last one that was offered up. Let’s not allow some other counties to “scoop up” the money that has been offered to us!

  3. If people do not support this road bond, then they have given up their right to complain about the traffic. This is their chance to actually do something about it. Everyone needs to get out and vote FOR the road bonds.

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