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September 22nd, 2008
More than two years later, Hood murder solved with confession

Managing Editor

There are still layers of unanswered question about Jack Larue Hood’s murder in his home in unincorporated San Marcos. But the largest of them is answered now with David Paul Hick’s arrest for and confession to the 2006 killing.

A former San Marcos resident, Hicks, 32, is charged with first-degree murder in Hood’s death, announced by Sheriff Allen Bridges at a press conference today. A former Quail Creek Country Club president and a registered sex offender, Hood was found shot once through the back in the 4800 block of Trails End off Hunter Road.

Neither Bridges nor Hood’s attorneys, David Sergi and Robert Updegrove, are saying much about Hick’s confession, who was not previously a suspect in the murder.

“He is incredibly remorseful for what he did and that is why he came forward. It takes alot of guts for him to own up to what he did,” Sergi said.

Hicks most current address in McAllen but he had previously lived here. It is not clear if he knew Hood or what motivated Hicks to kill him. Hicks is charged with first-degree murder, punishable by five to 99 years in prison. He is being held on a $500,000 bond set by Justice of the Peace Joann Prado,

Hood pled guilty to possession of child pornography in 2002 after an attorney general’s task force found his name on the subscriber list of an illegal Web site. He was originally indicted on 10 counts but a plea bargain agreement led to reduced charges and a sentence of five years probation.

Hood was registered as a sex offender with the San Marcos Police Department and Hays County Sheriffs office. He was also a former president of Quail Creek Country Club and Chamber of Commerce ambassador. Hood and his brother operated a local contracting company.

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6 thoughts on “More than two years later, Hood murder solved with confession

  1. They are not saying at all and I have not heard. By way of explanation, Sergi has told other outlets, though he failed to mention it here, that Hicks had a head injury but I’m not clear on the connection between Hicks and Hood, if there was one. Anyone who wants to anonymously point me in the right direction can e-mail to

  2. What is the story about??? The brutal murder of Mr. Hood or his past? With all due respect Mr. Rollins, it seems to me that your article was based more on what Mr. Hood did in his past rather than his murder!!! The man was murdered and is not here to defend himself! At least have a little respect for his family.

  3. Rollins, you first wrote that the charge is a 2nd degree murder,and later in the article you state the charge is a 1st degree murder… which is it? Geeze! All other media outlets said it was a 1st degree murder charge. C’mon Rollins, get it together. Also, I can’t help but agree with what Lane said, the story is about the confession, not Hood’s past.

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