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September 22nd, 2008
Arrest and confession obtained in Hood homicide

David Paul Hicks, formerly of McAllen, TX was arrested on September 19th for the 2006 murder of Jack Larue Hood. He is currently in the Hays County Jail.
According to information released by the Hays County Sheriffs Department Hicks, who has been charged with murder and had his bond set at $500,000 by Justice of the Peace Joanne Prado, confessed to the crime.

Murder, a first degree felony, carries a penalty of five to ninety-nine years in prison and a fine of no more than $10,000. Hicks is not facing the death penalty.

This case remains an ongoing investigation at this time.

Associate Editor

Booking photo of David Paul Hicks

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0 thoughts on “Arrest and confession obtained in Hood homicide

  1. Wow! either this guy had a change of heart or cut a good deal.. Im glad Jack Larue Hood’s family will have some closure and justice will be served. God bless San Marcos!

  2. I would like to know what people are going to do about the killing of the dog on August 5th. Officers Stephens and Bender violated the Texas Penal Code on cruelty to animals. If they had done their jobs, and escorted the couple to the pet clinic in New Braunfels, the dog may be alive today. Are they going to be aloud to get away with their crime?

  3. Look at his eyes. The white under his left eye indicates too much stress that can lead to violent behavior.

  4. I know David, he had a serious head injury and sought medical and later psycological help but was denied by the state hospital for lack of insurance. He evidently snapped and found the nearest registered sex offender in the area he was staying at, and killed him. He had been very guilty and after repenting he turned himself in so the family could have closure. I hope he finds peace and justice is served.

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