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September 20th, 2008
Sierra Circle and Sagewood rally to support food bank

San Marcos, Texas – After hearing reports of shortages at the Hays County Area Food Bank, the Sierra Circle and Sagewood neighborhoods got together for a food drive to help replenish the shelves. Earlier in the week, neighbors coordinated to send out emails and distribute grocery bags provided by HEB. On Saturday, they made their rounds, collecting enough food to fill the bed and the cab of a pickup truck, as well as over $700 in donations.Ted Marchut, Sierra Circle neighborhood representative commented, “It was great to see the two neighborhoods working together like this. We didn’t have any email addresses for anyone on Sagewood, so the first that anyone over there knew about the food drive was when they walked out their doors on Friday morning and saw the bags and notes we had left. Still, Saturday morning the bags were out there waiting for us in both neighborhoods.”

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0 thoughts on “Sierra Circle and Sagewood rally to support food bank

  1. Thanks for the coverage!

    Because of the short notice and because we didn’t have any way to let the Sagewood folks know ahead of time, we’ll drive through again next Saturday afternoon.

    So, if you didn’t get to donate this week (maybe you didn’t see the bag until it was over), just leave it outside the door and we’ll come by next week.

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