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September 19th, 2008
Rotary Of San Marcos Brings EarlyAct FirstKnight To Crockett

The Rotary of San Marcos launched the EarlyAct FirstKnight Program today at Crockett Elementary. EarlyAct FirstKnight is an unprecedented academic approach to character and ethics education in the elementary classroom. Rotarian values and history are incorporated in this award-winning program based on the historic theme of noble knights and service above self.

Rotary President David Bandy said, “This is excitement for the kids at Crockett, a fantastic program to kickoff a year of character building and Rotarian values for the kids.”

The program featured an amazing live-action feature with real jousting knights, costumed warhorses, and dazzling special effects.

EarlyAct FirstKnight is aimed at first through fifth graders and is designed to pass on Rotary-like ideals to schoolchildren through a 10-minute-a-day in-class curriculum and homework assignments. With FirstKnight, each day begins with a recitation of the Rotary Club’s Four-Way Test: “Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?” Students may also achieve rankings such as “Page,” “Squire” and “Knight” through school-wide knighting ceremonies.

While the program will be rolled out at Crockett Elementary this year, the San Marcos Rotary Club intends to grow the program in local schools.

SMCISD Superintendent Dr. Patty Shafer said, “This is an exciting program with quality character traits that used to be taught for frequently in the home now we have it in the school. We are grateful for the Rotary Club of San Marcos for partnering with us.”

EarlyAct FirstKnight is a program of The Knights of the Guild, a non-profit education services organization, headed by Randall Parr. Mr. Parr was a speaking guest at a San Marcos Rotary Club meeting a few months ago, and club members, led by Bandy, have been working to get the program to San Marcos since then. Parr is a decorated naval officer with more than twenty years of experience in creating acclaimed ethics development programs for young people.

Parr is concerned that our children today are suffering from an epidemic that will have a devastating impact upon our world if left unattended. It is called ethical impairment and its symptoms are dishonesty, irresponsibility, disrespect, hatred, jealousy, greed, and indifference to others. Curriculum lessons for EarlyAct First Knights will teach Tolerance, Responsibility, Confidence, Perseverance, Discipline, Respect, Honesty, Compassion, Friendliness, and Service.

Crockett Elementary School Principal Rick LaBuhn added, “These kids were so excited all week about this program, we are now ready to take this back and implement this into our curriculum.”

For more information see: and, there is also a video on this program available at

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0 thoughts on “Rotary Of San Marcos Brings EarlyAct FirstKnight To Crockett

  1. The event was AWESOME! I hope everyone had a GREAT time. The kids sure seemed to enjoy the “tournament.”
    Thanks Ron!

  2. I saw the photos and thought “that looks like a fun day for the kids.” Then, I read (finally) the story and caught the ethical impairment angle.

    This does sound like a great program and I’m glad I decided to read the article. I had assumed it was just fun and games and a little bit of a history lesson. I was mistaken, proving the old adage about assuming.

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