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September 19th, 2008
Pedernales Electric Cooperative adopts conservation target

From Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Recognizing the role energy conservation must play in the future of the nation, the state and the Hill Country, the Pedernales Electric Board of Directors has embraced the goal of reducing residential and commercial electric use by up to 20 percent.

The resolution was passed at the PEC Board’s Sept. 15 meeting in Johnson City.

Put forward by District 7 Director Dr. Patrick Cox, District 3 Director Kathryn Scanlon and District 6 Advisory Director Dr. Charles Tesar, the newly passed resolution will be further developed in committee. The resolution states the committee will be comprised of voting and advisory directors, members and experts from the community.

“Among consumers, social and environmental responsibility is a key driver of corporate confidence,”

Cox said at the meeting, referring to an international study presented to the Board on consumer expectations of corporations. “I believe there is a very strong feeling among our members that we should make every effort to instill a policy and come up with some realistic alternatives of what we can do in energy conservation.”

The proposal was not without discussion. “I am a supporter of conservation and renewable energy; we have taken considerations (for those) in the contract we’ve negotiated,” District 5 Advisory Director James Spellman said in his comments at the meeting. Spellman also noted, however, that affordable electric rates should be balanced with environmental concerns.

“You’re never too early for a goal,” PEC General Manager Juan Garza said, addressing the comments prompted by the resolution. “It’s totally appropriate for you to set goals for yourselves, and then go to work as a Board on the ‘how’ to get this stuff done.”

“The resolution states there is not a specific date to achieving the 20 percent,” Cox said, responding to concerns. “This merely states, and has us go on record to say, that we would like to achieve a reduction of up to 20 percent.” After further discussion, the resolution passed by a 6-1 vote.

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