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September 19th, 2008
Newstreamz Video Extra – Texas State wrestling

Welcome to another Newstreamz Video Extra. This time the crew checks out Texas State wrestling.

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0 thoughts on “Newstreamz Video Extra – Texas State wrestling

  1. I am very excited to hear about Texas State Wrestling. I can’t wait to go to the upcoming tournament on campus. Wrestling is a great sport, that teaches a lot of life’s lessons. It is extremely popular in many parts of the country at the high school and collegiate level. If Newstreamz had not done this story I would not have known there was such a club.

  2. Just a little background to wrestling at Texas State. It actually started in 1973 when I first took a position here. Our first mat was the grass outside what is now the music building – back then it was Strahan Gym. Beside the grass cuts and chiggers it was a hard (the ground especially) way to start. From there we moved up about the basketball court and tied some gymnastic hair felt mats together. Eventually the new mat arrived and we were in business. No uniforms yet and we were called on it at our first tournament up in Denton. T-shirts and shorts were not the in thing even then. The Intramural office gave us some money and we bought some uniforms and we were ready to go. We had a couple of experienced wrestlers that helped out – in fact Jack Ransone, our head athletic trainer and Olympic trainer, was one of the first members of our squad. We did alright as we had enough people out to fill all the weight classes and after two years we hosted the state tournament. We went all out and the Intramural office bought trophies, awards for the coaches, we had two mats going and all in all it was a great tournament. I think A & M dominated most years and Ed Burkhardt from Texas Tech always brought a strong team. Richland College in Dallas was another strong team and I think they had one wrestler that entered for four years – he would sign up for one class – wrestling – and wait until next year to sign up again. North Texas hosted some of the state tournaments and LeTournea had one of the only organized teams that was school sponsored. All the rest of us were part of the recreational sports program and had volunteer coaches. I coached for the first few years and then Dan Baker took over and became sort of the head of the wrestling organization as Texas State (SWT back then) was one of the only schools that kept the same coach year after year and did not have a student coach that was different every year. It is still going strong and at one time (years ago when I was coach) we were pushing for varsity status – never happened though. Football is still king in Texas. Go Bobcat Wrestling!!!!


  3. what wonderful comments on the club!!! John, Moe, When our texas state tournament happens here, I will contact both of you and would ask that you join me on the mat as co-coaches with me. God bless you and thank you so much for your kind words and teaching us about the history of wrestling at Texas State!

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