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September 18th, 2008
Map: Planned downtown development

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» Rezoning clears way for new condos downtown

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2 thoughts on “Map: Planned downtown development

  1. How about connecting University to Burleson, so that there is a continuous path from Aquarena Springs to RR12? How about building some parking garages? Are we just determined to make our problems worse and worse?

  2. Oh! Just what this town needs! An oddly placed, claustrophobic, assembly line condo building in an alley on E. San Antonio! Has anyone seen this place they’re planning on putting this condo? If I’m not mistaking it’s the dirt patch right behind Sean Patrick’s, where 4 or 5 (depending on the size of their cars) of the Wells Fargo employees used to park. Yes that’s right, the plot is not even big enough to be a parking lot, let alone a site for a Condo. Hey San Marcos, welcome to the world of McMansions.

    & let’s talk about the “retail” center on Concho, is this going to be a “retail” center like the Sanctuary Lofts was supposed to be a “retail” center. Or did I just dream that one night? It’s possible I did. But then I look at those bottom floors that still remain empty to this day & I could just SWEAR they were supposed to be for retail stores. What’s up with that, anyway?

    WHAT makes anyone in this town think we need MORE places for retail in the downtown area when we have abandoned buildings on corners of the square & empty shops for rent in the existing buildings? More retail = FAIL without PARKING. Fix your downtown first, encourage local business, build parking. Empty shopping centers crammed into little ares are NOT what this town needs.

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