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September 10th, 2008
What Is A Real Man? The Quest for Authentic Manhood

SAN MARCOS, TX–If someone asked you, “what does it mean to be a man?” How would you answer? If the answer appears allusive then Men’s Fraternity is for you?

In recent years there can be know arguing that the definition of what a real man is has become distorted and confused. Turn on the news and we hear about broken families, crime, abuse and more. Like never before, our world needs real men.

This organization was founded 18 years ago by Dr. Robert Lewis in Little Rock, Arkansas and has grown worldwide. Men’s Fraternity answers questions like: How does one become a man? Is there a moment when it happens? What is it that holds men back from their true masculine destiny? How should authentic manhood express itself today?

We will discover the importance of male mentors for encouragement, the power of Dad, raising healthy sons and daughters, the role of a man in marriage and most importantly how one becomes a “real man.”

If you have difficulty with these questions, you are not alone! Men’s Fraternity is a time when men can come together and discover authentic manhood. If you are an adult man 18 and older, then you are invited to Men’s Fraternity beginning, September 26, at 6:00am on Tuesday mornings hosted at Solid Rock Church. For more information, contact Solid Rock Church at 396-4673.


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0 thoughts on “What Is A Real Man? The Quest for Authentic Manhood

  1. I trust being a man is not decided on what you believe spiritually? I consider myself a man because I am respectful of all other people, and animals. I have also been an atheist all my life. I have found that it doesn’t matter what a man believes, it only matters how a man behaves. There are Christian ministries in prison, where there should be no Christians at all. There should also be no strip clubs anywhere in the country.

  2. Patrick we invite you Tuesday Mornings at 6:00am to explore what it means to be an “Authentic Man.” The Bible has great insights that I think we both can agree on despite your spiritual background.

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