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September 4th, 2008
Aggravated robbery arrest – 09/04/08

Approximately 2:46pm, on 9-03-08, the Hays County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a robbery at 901 Garrison Road in Buda, Texas. Within minutes, two deputies who are assigned to the Buda Patrol arrived at the scene. They determined that the victim, a 93 year old male, had been assaulted and robbed by 3 male subjects who left the scene on foot and were possibly still in the area. The Garrison Road area is sparsely populated and much of the area is covered with moderate to heavy brush. Hays County Deputies whose patrol districts border the City of Buda, along with traffic deputies and Detectives quickly responded and sealed off the area.

A search of the area began and deputies arrested three suspects who were located in the brushy area near the robbery scene. Further investigation tied a fourth suspect to the robbery. He was arrested a short time later.

Charged with Aggravated Robbery and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, both first degree felonies are: Forrest Kubsch, wm 2-08-88 of Buda, Ethan Kubsch, wm 10-12-90 of Buda, Christopher Garcia, wm 6-19-89 of Kyle, and Johnmichael Swann, wm 3-09-90 of Buda.

All four subjects were magistrated by Justice of the Peace Joanne Prado on 9-04-08. Bonds on all four subjects was set at $20,000.00 each on the Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity and $25,000.00 each on the Aggravated Robbery Charge. They all remain in custody at the Hays County Corrections Facility.

The victim in this offense received minor injuries and required no medical attention.

This investigation continues.

Christoper Garcia

Ethan Kubsch

Forrest Kubsch

Johnmichael Schwann

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0 thoughts on “Aggravated robbery arrest – 09/04/08

  1. Look at their eyes! Especially Forrest & Ethan!!! Look at the difference. The white under the eyes indicates too much stress, and possible violent behavior!!!

    The more stress a person is under, the more white will show in the eyes. The more white there is around the iris, the more dangerous that person can become. This is true for most people.

    Stress affects the mind and optic nerves behind the eyes. This pulls the muscles up, moving the irises up into the eye sockets.

    White space it revealed under the irises. The stress can be from a person’s personal or public life, or both.

  2. Kathy, I hope you are not on the jury. You would be looking at the eyes instead of the evidence. Anyone who is arrested, possibly for the first time given their ages, is going to show signs of stress. To translate that into violent behavior is ridiculous.

  3. I don’t anything about eyes in coordination with violence but the man was assaulted. I guess it could have been worse. I think Sate will look into their lives further and determine what is the course of justice for these felons. Its too bad that people need to commit such acts for kicks or just because someone is elderly. They should be puniched to the fullest extent of the law.

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