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September 3rd, 2008
San Marcos City Manager Speaks To Rotary

The speaker at the Rotary Club of San Marcos Wednesday was Rick Menchaca, City Manager, from the City of Marcos; he was a guest of Don Nash. The meeting was led by President David Bandy at the Price Senior Center.

Menchaca spoke to the group about his new role and how it impacts the city. He talked about the new budget and how new growth and the outlet malls have helped us not be hit as badly by a slower economy as other cities in our area.

He also spoke about the five percent increase in water bills and plans for a new water treatment center by 2014. He told the group about plans for future water sources. He said, ‘We will have water for the future in San Marcos.”

Menchaca also discussed the development plans for the city and what types of businesses we want to have in our city. He also noted, ‘Our University here is one of our greatest resources, they have a brain factory over there and we need to use it.”

In Rotary news, they welcomed visitors John Dunn from Texas Heritage Mortgage, Ryan Patrick Perkins from Sparknet Creative, and Lindy Streater from the new nursing home coming to San Marcos, Regent Care Center.

The group also recognized last week’s speakers from the San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department and their presentation of the many programs they have for the San Marcos community. Kent Schlotter was also inducted into Rotary last week. Next weeks program will be sponsored by Scott Burton.

The newsletter also recognized Rotarians with a guest list including: Ryan Patrick Perkins guest of Ron Oswalt, Gwen Smith and Carmen Imel guests of Shirley Austin and Steve Vittorini with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

September birthdays of members this month are September 8 Johanna Hansen, September 10 Shirley Austin, September 13 Al Brieger and September 23 Bob Whalen.

The Rotarians also received a gala update from Sammy Falletta. The Gala this year will be held on December 5th at the new Embassy Suites and convention center in San Marcos.

The group recognized Rotarian of the Week, Dr. Shirley Austin. Shirley has two sons, Wes and Stephen. She also has several grandchildren (Cliff, Dale, Stephen, Peyton, and Travis), as well as having two great-grandchildren (Travis and Austin) and pets.

She is also a member of the San Marcos Heritage Association, River Walk Cock House, and Methodist Women. Shirley is a retired teacher. She taught Music, Drama, and English (Kindergarten through University of Texas students).

She says her greatest memory as a child is when she got to model for Coke at the age of four. Shirley was with the National Broadcasters and Secretary, as well as being nominated as Baylor University’s Outstanding Student. She says her best (work-related) advice she received and would like to share is, “Keep Calm – Not Bossy!”

Shirley has been a Rotarian since 1994. Shirley graduated from Del Rio High School in Del Rio, Texas in 1944. She attended Baylor University where she received her Music and Drama Degrees in 1948, then her Masters Degree in 1957. She went on to receive her Doctorate in 1960.

Her greatest accomplishment is being (and should we say a VERY proud and deserving) mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother and “loving every day I taught”, all 40 years.

Shirley enjoys watching her grandsons play football and basketball. Her most memorable trip has been to Russia. Shirley enjoys Christmas. She enjoys listening to all kinds of music. She enjoys football and basketball.

Special thanks to Diane Riojas of the Rotary Club for story contributions.

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