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August 29th, 2008
Purple Freshman Rattlers Strike Often In 28-0 Blowout In Waco

The Freshman Purple Rattlers struck quick and hard as they rolled to an easy 28-0 blowout in the nightcap.The team led by Quarterback Hunter Burttschell caught a streaking Jerome Harris for a 30-yard touchdown on the right side for an early 6-0 lead at the 6:40 mark of the second quarter. The PAT was unsuccessful.

Waco would bobble their punt and the Purple Rattlers would take advantage as took possession at the Lions 14-yard line. Daniel Nieto would race in from the 6-yard line to take the lead to 12-0 and Ryan Marin would add the 2-point conversion for a 14-0 lead at the half.

The defense was anchored by the play of Rudy Garcia, Dario Ledesma and Tony Maldanado. However line play by Tyler Till was exceptional.

Victor Pinones would pick up a Lions fumble and return it 40-yards to put the Purple Rattlers back in business. Nieto kept pounding the ball to set up a 2-yard run by Jerome Harris. The PAT pass by CJ Gutierrez was incomplete on the conversion. The Purple Rattlers held a 20-0 lead after three quarters.

The Purple Rattlers would close scoring on the evening with a late touchdown to claim a 26-0 lead and add the 2-point conversion on a Troy Rodriguez run to claim the 28-0 blowout of Waco on the road.

Purple Rattlers Head Coach James Halatan said postgame, “Our guys were geared up today, our Quarterbacks played well and it’s good anytime the defense can lay a goose egg on anyone.”

Story and photos from Staff

San Marcos Freshman Rattler Purple Roster                                           



#2        Edward Suarez                     SM/SS

#8        Matais Vitela                       SM/C

#11      Hunter Burttschell               QB/FS

#12      CJ Gutierrez                        QB/FS

#21      Troy Rodriguez                    TB/C

#22      Jerome Harris                      HB/SS

#25      Ryan Marin                         TB/SS

#32      Erik Cortez                           TB/FS

#35      Kenneth Romo                     FB/LB

#44      Daniel Nieto                         FB/SS

#50      Chris Gonzales                     FB/DT

#55      Charles Shivington               FB/DT

#58      Raz Resendez                       QT/LB

#62      Josh Keith                             SG/DT

#64      Dario Ledesma                     QG/LB

#65      Leron Hutto                          SG/DT

#70      RudyGarcia                          QT/DE

#71      Victor Pinones                      QT/DE

#74      John Martinez                      ST/DT

#75      Tony Maldanado                  ST/DT

#76      Blaine Bagley                       ST/DT

#77      Tyler Till                               QG/LB

#80      Gabe Aparicio                       SM/C

#84      Alec Lucio                              SE/DE

#85      Joseph Pena                           SM/C

#88      Sergio Zaragoza                    SE/DE

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