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August 27th, 2008
San Marcos Parks and Recreation Speak To Rotary

The speaker at the Rotary Club of San Marcos Wednesday was Julie Hulbert, Jessica Jenkins, Dominic C. “Mick” Medina and William Ford from the San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department. The meeting was led by President David Bandy at the Price Senior Center.

The Parks and Recreation Department discussed several options that are available for our citizens. William Ford told the group about major projects that included the Parks Master Plan Update which will hold their next meeting on September 18, 2008. There will be random mail outs and surveys sent to residents to get their input also. The city is now refurbishing their tennis courts and they will be completely rebuilt from scratch. He also discussed a second project in conjunction with Hays County to build ten new soccer fields.

Ford said, “These will be a nice addition to our city.” He shared with the group about the new fast pitch softball program and how this will increase tournaments and visitors to our city.

Julie Hurbert who is the Director of the Nature Center spoke about her programs from butterfly houses to nature photography upcoming classes.

Jessica Jenkins spoke abut upcoming programming for seniors from trips to a trip to Dallas for seniors to visit the King Tut exhibit.

Dominic C. “Mick” Medina, Athletic Program Coordinator, told the group about the upcoming Junior NFL league for youth, basketball leagues, and many other upcoming programs.

For more information on the Parks and Recreation programming email or call 512.393.8400.

In Rotary news, they welcomed visitor Ryan Perkins, Director of Business Development, from Sparknet Creative in San Marcos and Steve Vittorini from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

The group recognized Rotarian of the Week Barbara “Barb” Castleberry; she has two daughters, Sherry and Charla. She also has five grandchildren and two pets (a poodle named Nanette and a kitty named Nala). Barbara is the assistant vice-president and a personal banker for Frost Bank.

She is also a Chamber Ambassador. She says her greatest memory as a child is her trip to Guam where she lived for two years. She also remembers great times on the beach with her family.

Barbara says her greatest achievement in the business world is helping those in need. She says her best (work-related) advice she received and would like to share is, “Care about the business and use good work ethics.” Barbara has been a Rotarian since 1998.

She is a Ram as she graduated from John Marshall High School in San Antonio in 1961.

Barbara went on to attend Southwest Texas State University.

Barbara grew up in San Antonio. She enjoys animals, grandchildren, and home crafts.

Her most memorable trip was last year when she traveled to Italy, Rome, and Tuscany. She then went on to Germany, Heidelberg, onto southern France, and home out of Paris.

Barbara enjoys Christmas. She enjoys listening to western swing. Her all-time favorite movie is “Hunt for Red October”. She also enjoys equestrian.

Special thanks to Diane Riojas of the Rotary Club for story contributions.

from Staff Photos

Jennifer Perkins of the Boy Scouts talked about popcorn sales to benefit local boys.

Kent Schlotter was inducted as new member on Wednesday.

Peter Baen of Thermon shares a joke or two with the crowd.

Ryan Perkins of Sparknet Creative was welcomed by the Rotarians at the Price Center.

William Ford of the San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department talks about changes for the good of our community.

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