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August 27th, 2008
City of San Marcos Blog: Texas State student announces mayoral bid

EDITOR’S NOTE: Texas State University student Daniel McCarthy announced his bid for mayor in this press release. The Mercury prints unedited candidate announcement statements for all city and county candidates. Send announcements to or Full text of McCarthy’s announcement:

Howdy San Martians,

My name is Daniel McCarthy. A long-time resident of the Hill Country, I moved to Dripping Springs in 1994 just after my 7th birthday.  I am now a proud resident, student and tour-guide at Wonderworld here in San Marcos. I am also president of the Project for the New American Citizen at Texas State.

We San Martians have a unique opportunity this elections cycle to cast local and national votes which will determine our future. On November 4th voters coming out to cast a vote for President will also have the chance to vote for local offices: City Council, County Commissioner and Justice of the Peace to name a few.

I would like to be a part of that future serving San Marcos as Mayor because I realize the time is now to reject old parties and groups, which serve to amass power and divide voting blocs. It’s a false dichotomy – two sides of the same coin. We should begin the process of figuring out what we, the individuals, have to offer. I believe a fresh perspective will go a long way toward achieving the necessary.

For example, healthcare here in Texas will never be solved as long as the lobbying groups, which have made inroads on both sides of the aisle, continue to (generously) fill up those coffers. Instead we should seriously consider the recommendations made by those constituents who practice medicine.

Or, a local example: Responsible growth is not likely here in San Marcos if those in local government walk hand in hand with profit-driven developers. Where’s the public outcry? Do we want all of San Marcos to be another asphalt wasteland? The short term gain of a few should not take precedent over the long-term welfare of all.  It’s not just irresponsible but reprehensible too, on the parts of citizen and officeholder alike. The time is NOW to look hard at the developments planned above ground and the long term impact they will have on our most precious resource: our underground watershed.

My driving force is the restoration of both conscientiousness to the voters and reverence for the city by local government.

The days of build first, ask later, and repair never are numbered.

Daniel Jerome McCarthy

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7 thoughts on “City of San Marcos Blog: Texas State student announces mayoral bid

  1. This guy is a joke. He may garner 15% of the vote which won’t do anything but take away votes from Newman which will help Mayor Narvaiz. From the Mayors supporters, I say thank you.

  2. Anti-growth is bad? I don’t live in San Marcos, but I’m in San Marcos every week. Much of San Marcos is really looking bad, and uncontrolled growth ruined the look of what used to be a fairly pretty town. Just my opinion, of course.

  3. Uncontrolled growth is bad. That does not mean that growth in and of itself is bad. Anti-growth leads to just as many problems as uncontrolled growth and many of the problems you see may be the result of anti-growth efforts.

  4. Ted,
    Your observation is correct, but around these parts there is no “controlled” growth. As I’ve said in other postings, it’s pretty much pro growth people that run for office, and pro growth people (bankers, realtors, business owners) are the ones who are “in power”. The rest of us go work our 40-80 hour work weeks and have no energy left for politics. It is too bad we do that, but it’s reality.

  5. The city has a very strict land development code, comparable to the most restrictive cities I’ve seen. Any in depth discussion about the challenges of San Marcos eventually comes around to the need for good jobs. Well paid workers will result in better schools, better neighborhoods and better entertainment options. Growth is going to happen – that’s a given anywhere up and down I-35. It’s up to us to control the kind of growth and to make sure we have an business friendly climate that won’t send food employers to New Braunfels or Kyle.

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