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August 26th, 2008
Your San Marcos City Council Candidates: Class of 2008

The race for San Marcos City Council seats has heated up these last two days. Mayor Susan Clifford Narvaiz, who was the first to file, is being challenged by David Newman, a retired airline transport pilot, and Daniel McCarthy, a student at Texas State University.

(Please see yesterday’s Newstreamz story on Newman’s filing). Daniel McCarthy, a public administration major, noted: “This is an unprecedented opportunity for the students to vote in national and local elections simultaneously. Running as a student will maximize this opportunity.” Mayor Narvaiz kicked off her campaign on July 6 before officially filing on July 28, Narvaiz made the decision to seek re-election “after many requests from citizens and supporters, conversations with family and dear friends and much prayer.” Narvaiz cited her support of the city government’s new financial policy, the new land development code, and initiating the “one-stop” permit center for processing permitting and development requests. Narvaiz also pointed to the completion of the Wonder World Drive Overpass and the Yarrington Bridge Overpass and her support for the McCarty Lane/FM 110 Loop project among other infrastructure initiatives.

Saul Gonzales, a maintenance engineer at Central Texas Medical Center, and Fred Terry, a local realtor, have both filed for council member, place three, which is now an open seat due to the incumbent, Daniel Guerrero withdrawing as a candidate on August 18. Both have served as members of the San Marcos Planning and Zoning Commission.

Eric Brillhart who had told this reporter yesterday that he intended to file today, failed to file. Mr. Brillhart could not be reached for comment.

Christopher Jones, incumbent city council member, place four, has filed for re-election. Jones, a career advisor and Texas State graduate, is being challenged by Lisa Coppoletta, an academic advisor for the College of Education at Texas State University. If elected, Ms Coppoletta wants the city to establish a “no Kill” shelter, develop Eco-tourism, funding for at-risk youth, and “full funding” of the Youth Shelter. Coppoletta ran for city council in 1993.

Election day for city council seats is November 4, the same as the presidential election date. Early voting runs from October 20 to 31.


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0 thoughts on “Your San Marcos City Council Candidates: Class of 2008

  1. Thanks for this information. It would be great to see you guys put together a questionnaire for the candidates, based on the hot issues in town and post their replies on Newstreamz.

    We’re making (slow) progress on the “Sagewood” issue, but I would be interested to hear each candidate’s position on that challenge.

    Recently, our citizens were surveyed about how they view various aspects of the city. Overwhelmingly, they were the least satisfied with bike and pedestrian improvements. What vision do the candidates have for making San Marcos more bike/ped friendly?

    Obviously the economy is on everyone’s mind and there are plenty of questions to ask about bringing jobs here, encouraging employers who are already here to expand, etc.

    You ought to be able to put together a good list of questions, just from the topics that draw comments on your site.

  2. It’s good that the citizens of San Marcos actually have a choice this time around. 2 years ago, the mayor was “elected” in an uncontested race. I look forward to the debates, and encourage all candidates to speak to the public as much as possible. We need engagement in this community, and dialog with all elected officials.

    I agree with Ted about the bike/ped improvements, as well as the idea of putting a questionnaire on this site with candidate positions on the issues! If you want help with that, let me know.

  3. Daniel McCarthy is an avid cyclist and wants to get the bike lane improvements that were passed moving. Narvaiz is taking credit for the WonderWorld project which has been 15 years in the making. GO DANNY GO!

  4. Actually, pretty much any infrastructure improvement you can think of, including bike lanes, is in the master plan.

    The problem is getting them from the master plan, to reality. The Wonder World extension falls into that category.

    There are bike improvements being done right now, too. The question is just whether they can be done better and faster and whether they can be done in a way to get more people to use them.

    For example, the “shared use” path on Craddock is always washed out from rain and is littered with broken glass. Even when it was new, it was very difficult to ride with a road bike. The bike lane on Holland St does not connect to anything and for the longest time, there was a section of Aquarena Springs, East of the interstate, with a bike lane painted for only a couple hundred feet.

    The Transportation Advisory Board has a bike improvements committee and we are working on getting the bike improvements on track, but it is never clear to us how much money is available. We will be making recommendations very soon for the purchase and installation of a lot of bike racks. The reaction to that recommendation will be a good indication of funding and support.

    I’m curious to hear where this falls in the list or priorities for all candidates, whether they think we should seek a designation as a bike friendly city and what the timeline for that should be.

  5. I am so excited to hear that Lisa Coppoletta wants to establish a No Kill Shelter for San Marcos. It is hypocritical for the San Marcos Animal Shelter to call itself a “shelter” when thousands and thousands of animals die in their gas chamber every year. The problem that needs to be fixed in San Marcos is our citizens’ awareness of pet and animal population control. San Marcos officials need to make it a high priority to educate citizens about the importance of getting their animals fixed. It is high time that the animals of our city stop having to die at the cost of our ignorance and irrisponsibilty. I would like to hear the mayoral candidates views on this issue too. You have my vote Lisa!


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