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August 26th, 2008
SMHS Football Booster Club ready for kickoff

The San Marcos High School Booster Club met at the school cafeteria and the meeting was called to order at 6:36 pm by Co-President Valerie Schweers. To start the meeting, minutes were reviewed and approved from last week’s meeting and then there was a brief review of the Treasurer’s report.

In old business, the recent BBQ & Pep Rally was discussed and it was agreed the Gary Job Corps students that served the food was a big help. They did an excellent job. The group will write a letter of appreciation to them. They sold 150 tickets and fed 150 players. These totals were a little short of expectation, but again, this is not a major fundraiser, it’s a way to bring in the beginning of football season for the players and the coaches.

Schweers mentioned they were successful in selling desserts and everyone who brought and helped with this was much appreciated. There were also good sales of the official Rattler football t-shirts and these sales will continue into the season. Overall the BBQ was a success and we will try to make it even better next year.

The Pep Rally went very well as expected. Randy Stevens of the San Marcos Daily Record was scheduled to be master of ceremonies; but could not make it at the last minute due to being ill. Coach Kilby and Coach Van Nest filled in. Schweers felt it was a good idea to get all the other team sports to participate in the Pep Rally this year.

The group discussed the duties of the concessions: On Thursday no one was signed up to work; but Gloria Rodriguez, Roberta Ruiz and Melinda Gonzales volunteered to work the concession stand. Bobby Rodriguez will make the burgers for the concession stand. Schweers will let others know that they do have someone to cook burgers in order to have supplies ready. Lillian Luna has volunteered to sell the t-shirts near the concession stand on game day.

The booster club talked briefly about the upcoming Parents Night and it is scheduled for Sept. 5th, 2008. They will have flowers for the parents. Schweers will check with coaches as to any other needs.

Schweers mentioned they have three buses reserved for Friday’s game in Waco; this was set up by Coach Van Nest. At the game in Waco, parking will be $4.00; and tickets are $6.00 and can be purchased thru Nan Arredondo in the Athletic office or at the gate. For more information call Nan at 512-393-6838. The Rattlers game at Waco is scheduled to be televised; but will not be televised live, it will show at a later time.
Membership forms need to be filled out by every member of the booster club. This is something that is done every year and needs to be kept on file.

Ronald Oswalt spoke briefly about a fundraiser he said was a big success at another school; and feels it can be a huge success here in San Marcos. It is a “shout out” during a Podcast thru and The cost would be $10 and a percentage would go towards his work and the rest to the Booster Club.

KTSW Radio has asked the group to do some broadcasts again, and we all agreed that we would do it again. The Booster Club agreed to keep the relationship with KTSW Radio. Lisa Gendusa motioned to accept and Candy Walker seconded.

Schweers mentioned Rattler Salsa has approached the Booster Club as interested in doing a fund raiser with us. Not enough detail yet to discuss, but they will be meeting with them in the future.

The game support for Friday in Waco is Bobby Rodriguez, Tony Walker, Gary Schweers, Bob Bagley, and a group of the mom’s to help with the Run Thru. It is a new and improved Big Run thru, and it will take quite a bit of people to hold it up.

The group also discussed the objectives and roles of the Booster Club. Schweers wanted to let everyone know, whether they are returning members or new members, what our main goals are in the booster club. Their main reason is to support all the football teams and their needs. They have supported the purchase of video equipment, uniforms, chairs for the locker room, and meals for the players on road games. One of the main objectives is also to support the football players as students by awarding scholarships each year. They really appreciate everything everyone does, whether it is big or little, all and any volunteers are appreciated. We would like to get more people involved in the booster club. We are a non profit; tax free organization.

Program ads were better this year (booster club sales) and they would like to raise enough money to leave a good balance of funds for next year’s booster club to start off the year.

In the coach’s report, Coach Van Nest said the Pep Rally was a success; he felt it went well. One game will be played here at home on Thursday; Waco only has one JV team. The game begins at 6pm this Thursday.

Friday’s game is at Waco ISD Stadium. Coach Van Nest said he has three buses reserved for family of the players only. Tickets for the bus can be purchased thru Nan Arredondo for $4.00 each. Each bus fits about 50 people. He said the bus will leave around 4:00pm. The JV and Freshman player’s families will have second opportunity to ride the buses if it is not full.

In Waco on Friday tickets are $6.00 and parking will be $4.00. With no other business to discuss, meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.

The Booster Club next meeting will be Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2008 at SMHS cafeteria at 6:30pm. Dinner and a movie (game film) will be provided. All members are asked to bring a cover dish for the meeting. Players are only allowed to eat if the parents are present per UIL policy.

Members Present for the meeting Valerie Schweers, Lisa Gendusa, Melinda Garza, Bobby & Gloria Rodriguez, Shirley Velez, Bob & Mandy Bagley, Danny & June Machado, Melinda Gonzales, Tina Till, Lillian Luna, Sylvia Hutto, Shannon Pringle, Ronald Oswalt, and Leon Breeden.

from Staff Reports

Special thanks to Gloria Rodriguez for her contribution to this story.

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  1. Thanks newstreamz for support of Rattler football. We look forward to a great season. Everyone come out and support the team. GO RATTLERS!

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