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August 25th, 2008
Newman challenging Narvaiz for Mayor, Brillhart to file for Place 3.

David Newman, retired airline transport pilot, filed for Mayor today, challenging the incumbent, Susan Clifford Narvaiz, who is running for a third term. Newman is running because he says that San Marcos needs to move in a slightly different direction in areas such as the environment, municipal spending, and the types of businesses the city has attempted to attract to San Marcos. For Newman, “We need to emphasize high paying, clean, high technology industries such as software developers, engineering companies, and architectural firms.” Newman is also seriously concerned about the environment, saying, “We need to preserve the natural character of the Hill Country. Growth is inevitable but we need to mange our growth intelligently, especially as our community expands further into the Hill Country. We need to be good stewards of our land and of our river.”

Newman has issues with how the city government has tried to lure new businesses to our community. Newman said, “In the face of economic stresses everyone is experiencing such as rising gas and food prices, increased utility bills and higher taxes, our city government is offering cash money rather than tax incentives for companies to consider San Marcos. Let’s put our cash directly into our community’s infrastructure instead of doling it out to out of town corporations.”

Newman, 51 years old and a homeowner, graduated from Sharpstown High School in Houston in 1975 and earned a B.S. in Physics from the University of Houston in 1982. Newman served in the U.S. Air Force from 1982 to 1988 and flew C-130s, a heavy cargo plane. Newman moved to San Marcos in 1988 when he was honorably discharged from the Air Force. From 1989 to 1993, Newman flew famine relief in Africa helping to distribute food to people in Somalia and the southern Sudan. Newman owns Media Design, a multimedia production company located in our historic downtown.

Eric Brillhart has decided to file for San Marcos City Council, Place 3 tomorrow. The seat is currently held by Daniel Guerrero, who announced that he is not seeking re-election. Brillhart is running because “I’d like to see change in the community. I’d like to see the council work for more economic opportunity for our citizens and for students who would be able to build a life here after graduation.”

Brillhart, an employee of a local cleaning company, also would like “the council to build a biking infrastructure throughout our community. This would reduce congestion, the wear and tear on our roads and reduce pollution.” Finally, Brillhart is concerned about our city’s water supply. He wants the community to plan for our future water needs.

The deadline to file for city council seats is tomorrow, August 26, by 5:00pm at San Marcos City Hall.


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0 thoughts on “Newman challenging Narvaiz for Mayor, Brillhart to file for Place 3.

  1. Why not report who actually did file for the place 3 position, instead of who is thinking about it? I don’t believe someone thinking about running for a council seat is worthy of a news story. Sounds more like advocacy to me. Saul Gonzales, a well respected life-long member of San Marcos filed well before this “article” was written. He is a former member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, and has put in the time to learn the issues. He would represent the entire community extremely well.

  2. Wendy, the story was about candidates running for office, the main focus being on Newman, not Brillhart. And speaking of advocacy, read the last half of your comment again.

  3. Instead of hearsay, how about a fact…Fred Terry has just filed for Place 3 against Saul. Terry is currently the P&Z Chair and will announce his resignation at this evening’s P&Z Meeting.

  4. I would give Newstreamz some room on this one since they are staying on top of a breaking story. Go look at the other print / web media outlet in San Marcos (the one you can use for wrapping fish in…) and see if there is ANY discussion about anything so contreversial as local politics. Some people who had filed, MAY have had reasons for the filing not going through at the last minute deadline yesterday. Considering that Place 3 was a last minute pull-out by the incumbent, with only a week to filing, this was going to come down to the wire.
    Congratulations and thanks to those who have chosen to pursue the honor of public service through filing, thanks to those of you who care and want to get the word out, and thanks to Newstreamz for focusing on this story, rather than national coverage of a local traffic stop.

  5. “and thanks to Newstreamz for focusing on this story, rather than national coverage of a local traffic stop.”

    This one just needs to be repeated!

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