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August 25th, 2008
Crime Map: 08/25/08

EDITOR’s NOTE: This is a new feature that maps the San Marcos Police Department’s daily blotter. Click on placemarkers for more information on reported crimes. They are color coded as follows:

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  • Blue – Property crimes
  • Red – Crime against persons
  • Green – Crimes involving alcohol or drugs
  • Yellow – Warrant arrests
  • Red cross – Accidents and other medical situations
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    6 thoughts on “Crime Map: 08/25/08

    1. Very cool, but how do we get details on these events? Specifically, 2:47 a.m. on the 24th, accident involving death or injury at 403 N. LBJ? Is there more information available?

    2. Ted — I follow… Information on this map is limited to what comes on the blotter spreadsheet. I have a call into the patrol sergeant on that accident specifically for a follow-up story. Then we can link the story in the placemarker windows when that applies.

    3. Thanks. I thought about it after I posted and figured there probably wouldn’t be more details readily available in most cases.

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