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August 22nd, 2008
Dash cam video from traffic stop involving dog death

Edit: Added the second dash cam related to the story, this one from Police Officer Bender’s vehicle.

Newstreamz Video Extra:  Below is raw footage taken from Police Officer Paul Stephen’s dash cam on August 5th when he stopped Michael Gonzalez for speeding en route to an emergency veterinary clinic in New Braunfels.

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0 thoughts on “Dash cam video from traffic stop involving dog death

  1. Is there no way to save a dog using the Heimlich manuever or CPR? Those life saving actions aren’t only for humans. If you have children and/or pets you need to know how to save their lives! Both parties are at fault and I believe the officer’s punishment was fair.

  2. Thanks for posting the raw video. As heated as the issue has gotten, I felt obligated to watch the entire thing.

    Unfortunately, I see plenty in there to reinforce the views on both sides of the issue, but I don’t expect this video to get anyone to understand the other side. It’s just salt in an open wound, I suspect.

  3. It is with incidents such as these that brings me into greater understanding as to why we see gold fringe around our flag now.It indicates a military flag under martial law. Do incidents such as these reinforce the fear that we are under undeclared martial law now?

  4. I guess it would have paid to be calm under pressure. I would have ticked if I was that cop too. I don’t care what the reason is… if you are going 100 on a high way putting my family at risk you better be in jail when you get caught. I don’t want my kids at risk for a dog!

  5. I see nothing wrong in what the officer did or say. Mr. Gonzalez was putting everyone on the road at risk, including himself. After being pulled over,with his actions erratic and completely out of control,and no drivers license? What were the police to do?
    I’d like to thank officer Stevens for keeping calm and doing his job.
    I would like to know how many people who think the officers were in the wrong are pro choice. It’s funny how an animals rights are above that of an unborn human.

  6. i think it was the owner of the dog that let it die. Shame on them for not caring for the dog. they should be in jail for animal cruelty and reckless driving.

  7. When an auto is moving at 100mph at midnight endangering all other drivers the officer has to suspect a unusual and strange problem. The problem this time was the driver and his lack of common sense . Endangering himself and the passenger and all others on the road took precedence over the dogs condition. REmember of course that the Police hear every screwball story in the world trying to get out of responsibility and they start out with disbelief when the stories begin particular in a bizarre situation as this..
    Gonzales should apologize to the City and everyone else
    that has read this nonsense.

  8. …Wishing the City of San Marcos, Texas..the MOTHER of all Lawsuits on behalf of Missy.

  9. It is just a darn dog. Anyone who can watch Officer Stephen’s dash cam and not see that the fault lies squarely on the perps shoulders needs to re-examine themselves. I would hate to be on the highway with my wife and 2 year old and have Mr. Gonzales driving like that just for a dog.

  10. I agree with Leighton Stallones in the post above mine.Gonzales should apologize to the city and everyone else that lives in San Marcos and he should pay his fine!
    If an officer tells you to pull off the bridge that does not mean continue driving and stop when you want! Then when he decides to pull over he jumps out of the car with arms and mouth going ninety to nothing,and of course the officer is going to tell him to calm down. He acted like he was on speed!
    Yes Michael there are life saving techniques that can be done to a animal.There is the finger sweep that can be done safely if dog is unconcious. I have seen a firefighter push on a dogs upper stomach area and a hand ball popped out.The dog is fine!
    If someone is going to act like a dog is just like a “daughter” then they should learn any and all first aid treatments just like you would for a child.

  11. I just love how we have people from LA coming in here and bitching when there PD is probably one of the most corrupt in the world. If this issue happened in LA it would have never made the news, not when they have humans to beat down and steal from.

    And then we have people sending death threats to this officer. Oh yea that is smart, lets take another life…

    From watching the video I can see how the police officer could have thought the driver was talking about a passenger that was dieing and then when he saw the dog the line “its just a dog” came out.

    Both parties made some mistakes, the driver did break the law. The police officer did sound unsympathetic. But threatening peoples lives over this issue is stupid.

  12. Thanks to Newstreamz for sharing the raw facts footage surrounding the incident. Sad passing of an obviously good friend that was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Also sad, but a sign of our times, is the outcry for a lynching of one charged to serve and protect everyone on an already dangerous highway. Since that can’t be addressed at a hanging tree (even in Texas) then it must be through litigation. Or at least that’s what’s being advocated by some that are generally considered to be responsible folks.

    However, Missy had already left for her hereafter from whatever causes initiated the late night race. Heimlich, CPR, AED’s, sometimes death won’t be delayed…

    Within minutes of this incident, two animal shelters offer loving caring pets that face being euthanized because no one cares… or at least about saving the living Vs. attempting resurrection of the dead through a courtroom.

    Here’s to a prompt recovery from the sad events (plural) of last week…


  13. San Marcos PD really needs to get a reality check Officer stephens pulls over Gonzales and tells him to get off the bridge. Gonzales being confused and scared continues to go on for a few more miles. Come on Stephens we both know why you are are cop. I also am a combat vet, I served in Desert Storm. Let’s not play that card you have the power, you also abused it that night. You should of taken control of the situation instead of sitting barking orders like a Marine Corps Drill Instructor. What gives you the right to treat people with so little repect. I beleive re-elistment would do you good and you can use this video as a resume for DI School. And yes he shouldn’t have been driving that fast, but every situation is unique.

  14. After watching both Stephens and Benders videos, I cannot say anything but that the officers failed on their duty to the dog. She is the property of the owner, and the officers are sworn to protect people and property. They got them off the road, but their duty was to get the dog to the hospital. The officers are NOT qualified veterinary technicians. They are not qualified to 100% know that the dog cannot be resuscitated.
    The officers were right to pull the car over. They violated Animal cruelty laws by not doing everything they could to help the dog. The owners insisted the dog was alive. Even the Chief of Police said the officers could have been wrong.
    I will bringing this matter up at the community meeting on the 27th of September at the San Marcos Public Library at 3:30 p.m. What the officers did to pull the car over was doing their duty. What they did to the dog was criminal.
    Anyone disagree, you can contact me at:

  15. All over a dog. Interesting. Maybe if my goldfish’s life were in danger, I could run for mayor?

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