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August 19th, 2008
TxDOT proposes lane reduction at RM 967-Main Street intersection

Editor at Large

BUDA – The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is proposing new markings at the intersection of RM 967 and Main Street with hopes of making the intersection more safe.

The new markings would reduce the two-lane eastbound approach to Main Street on RM 967 from two lanes to one, taking away the left turn lane onto northbound Main Street. The Buda City Council will discuss to proposal at tonight’s meeting.

A year ago, after the city opened a truck by-pass route so heavy trucks wouldn’t have to drive on Main Street in downtown Buda, the city council passed a prohibition on heavy truck traffic on Main Street. However, the city only controls Main Street, which is the portion of the former Loop 4 north of RM 967. Trucks can still drive on the portion of former Loop 4 south of the RM 967 intersection. That portion of former Loop 4 now is a continuation of RM 967.

The problem arises when trucks approach Main Street going eastbound on RM 967 and they want to make the southbound turn onto RM 967 in downtown Buda. Because the angle isn’t wide enough for the trucks to turn from the right-hand land, they turn from the left-hand lane. If a car in the right-hand lane is trying to make a right turn at the same time, the truck can smash into the car. A sign on RM 967 approaching Main Street says trucks must turn right.

The new markings would take away the left turn lane and move the stop line five feet further back from the Main Street intersection, giving trucks a wider turning radius and eliminating the right turn confusion. Another new marking would move the stop line on northbound RM 967 at the Main Street intersection back five feet.

In other agenda items for tonight, the council will appoint three members to the city’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC) to two-year terms. Among the nine applicants are present EDC members Linda Costley, Abigail Klammert and Patrick Kirby.

The council also is expected to set a guaranteed maximum property tax for the coming budget year. The city council is trying to cut a proposed rate of 25 cents per $100 of assessed value, which would be an increase from the present rate of 18.7 cents. The new effective tax rate would be 19.24 cents, while the rollback rate would be 26.14 cents.

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