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August 15th, 2008
A few tips: Tax free weekend right around the corner

As another school year approaches, retail stores in San Marcos are getting ready for the annual state-wide tax-free weekend beginning on Friday.

Shoppers all over Texas will get a break from state and local taxes on certain clothing items and footwear this weekend (Aug. 15, 16, and 17).

In San Marcos, the Tanger Outlet Center is preparing for what they hope to be a very successful shopping weekend, as tax-free weekend is one of their most shopped events of the year.

“Tax-free weekend is one of our biggest events of the year other than Thanksgiving,” said Michelle Carswell, Manger of the Tanger Center. “We look forward to it because shoppers can take advantage of some awesome sales as well as no tax.”

Carswell expects a lot of business from shoppers all over Texas this weekend, as well as many shoppers from Mexico.
“The Mexico nationals shop here all the time and get tax exemptions by showing their receipts because they are international visitors,” Carswell said, “but this weekend will cut back the burden of having to show receipts so we expect to see many of them as well as many traveling Texans.”

The Tanger Center is sure to be extremely crowded during the tax-free holiday, so a few tips from Carswell are: map out the stores you want to visit, take note of stores that are opening early (a list of these can be found at, hang on to all of your belongings and lock your car.

It is also important to check out the complete list of items that are tax-exempt on the Texas Comptroller’s website at (

“We are optimistic that we’ll have a fabulous shopping weekend,” Carswell said.

Lindsey Schroeder

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0 thoughts on “A few tips: Tax free weekend right around the corner

  1. Yes, that’s what Michelle told me. There’s some sort of process they go through with showing their receipts to the managers and and so on.

  2. Richard-Perhaps the below will serve as a brief explanation to your inquiry as to whether the Mexican Nationals receive daily sales tax exemptions. Also,the sales tax refund is applicable only in the event the international customer’s purchases were made at a participating retail store.

    For additional information you can contact our tax refund store, Tax Free Shopping at: 512.392.2125 or visit their website at:

    Hope this helps…Michelle Carswell, Tanger Outlet San Marcos-General Manager

    Manifiesto: The Texas Sales Tax Rebate and Cross-Border Mexican Shoppers

    By Welkey, Sharon,Wuest, Beth E,Mogab, John W,Pisani, Michael J,Nicols, Kay McGlashan
    Publication: Texas Business Review
    Date: Saturday, October 1 2005

    The Texas Sales Tax Rebate

    The U.S. Constitution prevents state governments from taxing goods exported to foreign countries. As a result, states must grant sales tax exemptions or rebates on goods sold in the United States and shipped or taken to other countries. In an effort to balance the potential benefits while minimizing potential losses, border states have taken different approaches to complying with the constitutional constraint on taxing goods purchased by international tourists. The vast majority of the states along the Canadian and Mexican borders require that a foreign buyer or a certified customs broker show proof that goods have been shipped out of the country before receiving a rebate for the state sales tax. Texas is the only state on the Mexican border that allows foreign shoppers to take possession of the property in the United States and receive a rebate on the state sales tax, or manifiesto in Spanish, through a licensed customs broker.

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