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August 13th, 2008
City of Kyle encourages residents and business to conserve water

The truly Dog Days of Summer are here, and with it come the hottest and driest of Texas’ weather. And even though this is the time when our yards scream for water the most, this is also the time when we need to conserve the water the most.
The City of Kyle issued Stage 2 Water Management, and a twice per week watering calendar, on June 21st, and water customers responded by drastically reducing their water usage. The last couple of weeks however, the City has begun to see water usage spike up again and officials are asking residents to be mindful of their designated days and hours.

Homes with odd-numbered addresses are permitted to water on Wednesday and/or Saturday. Even numbered addresses are permitted to water on Thursday and/or Sunday. Businesses and multi-family complexes are permitted water on Tuesday and/or Friday.

Watering is permitted on your designated day only during the hours before 10 am and after 7 pm. Automatic irrigation systems may only operated between the hours of Midnight and 10 am.

Failure to comply with the terms of the Water Management Ordinance can result in the City issuing fines to violators.
These restrictions are mandatory for all City of Kyle water Customers. Kyle residents getting water from other companies should contact their respective water suppliers for information regarding watering restrictions. Your attention to this important conservation matter is appreciated.

If water usage continues to increase, the City may need to move to tighter restrictions as well as step up enforcement.
The City of Kyle has implemented successful and effective water management strategies that have focused on diversification of the City’s water supply. The result of these policies is that the City of Kyle has an adequate water supply to meet the needs of businesses and residents. However, Kyle City Leaders recognize the need to continue to do their part to conserve water as the drought continues to worsen.

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From Jerry Hendrix
City of Kyle

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