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August 6th, 2008
Local artists helping artists

Z Media Solutions, the downtown print shop (117 E. Hopkins), is kicking off a series of support-driven events on August 15th at Lucy’s on the Square in San Marcos. “Artists Helping Artists” defines Z Media’s support for local artists, musicians and the small businesses over the years. The cluster of bands performing will come from many musical backgrounds. The first show put some hip-hop and punk rock bands on the same bill. After all, the core meaning of all art is simply communication. Doors will open at Lucy’s around 8p.m.

One Z Media employee, Gabriel Hedrick, will be performing with his group Heroes, an intelligent wordplay overlaying slick hip hop melodies.  Event-goers will also hear the arena-rock sounds of Red River St. District regulars Blower.  San Marcos’ punk-n-roll Dual Exhaust is also scheduled to play.

Throughout the event,  Z Media will also be selling some of its own art being showcased at the venue.  For 6+ years of operation the design business has encouraged alternative media and ways for artists or businesses to stand out in the crowd. Z Media is recognized by many graphic design students, musicians and businesses as the print shop for quality work and printing and appreciates the support.

The series of sponsored events are simply to help ease the burden of the “summer-time blues” on the small design/ printing business. This summer has literally put the heat on Z Media as well as other small businesses – common heat when most students are gone for summer. Economic reasons also attribute to the small-business struggle. Z Media is facing the possibility closing doors as is the trend of small business around the nation these days. Having established itself as the local design/print shop for the past 6+ years, many locals do not want another “local” to close doors.

In return for support, Z Media is providing participating musicians, artists and venues future discounted printing. Many local businesses, artists and musicians are already pulling together to aid Z Media. “It’s a natural tendency among San Martians, to help each other out” Manager, Dan Olson says. “There is a lot of confidence to be had from the many people already lending their support and we have many thanks for that”. In the spirit of “supporting local” Z Media hopes to see San Marcos at the up coming shows. Future events will be promoted around town shortly.

For more information contact Dan Olson at Z Media  512-805-8400 (c: 512-393-4097)


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  1. Z-Media is the best print shop all around. When one of their machines where down when I needed a job done instead of going to the corporate guys I asked them if they could recommend any one in Austin or San Antonio. They did. Remember always support your locally owned business, I would rather drive an hour based on their recommendation to get good reputable service than deal with some corporate candy ass in a smock that can’t get the job done right the first time.

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