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August 5th, 2008
Locals only fest comes to Lucy's

For the seventh year in a row, Lucy’s just hosted the Locals Only Festival; which celebrates the best of San Marcos live music and features some very talented local groups. The festival featured 15 different bands over five nights of entertainment with a cover of only $5.

Heroes and Our Favorite Colors took the stage on Tuesday, and on Wednesday it was Electric Mayhem with The Word Association that rocked the crowd. Thursday was the beginning of the busiest three nights of the festival with four different groups appearing; Colour Wheel, Mira Look, Gold Teeth & Gucci, and Falcon Buddies. Friday was a very big night with a large turnout and a slighty rowdy crowd for the four groups performing, which were Kallisti Gold, River Hymn, Prayer For Animals, and The Couch. The biggest turnout was Saturday night.

“My favorite day was Saturday,” commented club owner Brian Scofield. “Robbie and the Robots, the only bands to play all seven Locals Only fests, and they put on a great show. The Bernie Calcote band and Three Leaf kept the great music coming and the crowd singing along. The Grant Ewing band closed the night. Even thouh this was Grants first time at the fest, his band included a few Locals Only veterns, including drummer Jake Sutton and guitarist Chris Lynch, who have played in many bands at the fest over the years.”

For anyone interested in the local music scene here in San Marcos, this festival featured many of the groups worth catching live or looking into. With very diverse influences and unique sounds, all of these groups put on amazing performances, proving simply that San Marcos is home to a great number of very talented musicians.

“I thought this years Local Only Fest was one of the best ever,” said Scofield. “We had good turnouts for all the shows, even the bands playing early had good crowds to play for. Overall it was a great week of showcasing local talent and I am looking forward to next year.”

Here is a list of some of the upcoming shows in San Marcos for the bands from the Locals Only Festival:
Grant Ewing Band, Aug. 19 at Triple Crown,
Colour Wheel, Aug. 28 at Lucy’s,
Three Leaf, Aug. 28 at Triple Crown,
Our Favorite Colors, Aug. 29 at Tantra Coffeehouse
Robbie And The Robots, Sep. 2 at Triple Crown
Prayer For Animals, Sep. 11 at Lucy’s

The other bands’ shows will be posted here at Newstreamz as soon as they are announced, as well as any other shows of interest here in San Marcos.

Sarah Stevens


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