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August 3rd, 2008
City & University plan Community Welcome

City, University Plan Community WelcomeThe City of San Marcos and Texas State University are co-sponsoring a Community Welcome on Wednesday, August 6, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the N.LBJ, Craddock, Sagewood, Cedar Grove, Sonora, Bishop Square, the Metropolitan Apartments, Hughson Court and Crest street areas.

Teams of police officers, city and university staff, student, and non-student residents will walk the area distributing ordinance information and welcoming new residents to the neighborhoods.

“This is a great opportunity for us to welcome new residents to our town and promote positive relations between student and non-student residents,” said Mayor Susan Narvaiz. “Our goal is to spend time walking door-to-door to speak with student and non-student residents about how to achieve community together.

“By emphasizing community, we want to express the value we place on relationships that create a quality, livable city, and the responsibility that lies with each of us to extend common courtesy to our neighbors,” Mayor Narvaiz added.

The ACT campaign is a collaborative effort of the City of San Marcos and Texas State University to promote positive relations between student and non-student residents through education, community connectedness, and resources.

“We have been giving all of our commuter students pertinent information about being good neighbors in San Marcos or other communities for the last few years, said Dr. Joanne Smith, Vice President for Student Affairs. “This campaign takes us to a new level of awareness and will really help all of us better communicate and understand each others’ needs in our neighborhoods. I am excited about our heightened level of collaboration and can only see relationships reaching new levels for everyone involved.”

San Marcos Police Department Assistant Chief Lisa Dvorak is coordinating a working group of City of San Marcos and Texas State University staff developing the Achieving Community Together (ACT) program.

To volunteer, or for more information, contact Danny Arredondo at (512) 754-2270 or or Michelle López at (512) 245-3219 or

Communications Director – City of San Marcos

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0 thoughts on “City & University plan Community Welcome

  1. The City of San Marcos and Texas State University are two of the most unique and extraordinary entities that exist. They thrive for – and because of each other. Like all university communities, vast cultural differences exist among residents. The ACT (Achieving Community Together) Committee’s Community Welcome is the first of many ideas that have been put into action. The partnership that is developing between the city and university has never existed like this before. I truly believe this is going to be a landmark year in community relations.

    C. J. Morgan
    Student Liaison
    Texas State University/ City of San Marcos

  2. Hey C. J.
    some things to work on:
    As one who has lived in many places I can say there is not much unique about either our very nice almost small town or Texas State. What might be unique is how much Texas State and former city leadership has been in denial about how much university growth has unnecessarily has denigrated the quality of life for citizens of the city. Examples are: loud subwoofer noise from open windowed cars, to loud late parties, to wanting to build a building on a city well, to gross student violations of 2 hr parking downtown, to blocking streets for events, to selectively protecting the environment when it benefits the university, to having students and professors run for city office and side with the university, to not requiring freshmen to live on campus, to not providing enough affordable student parking, to promoting semiprivate apartments that don’t pay public school taxes, to encouraging low cost housing so it can be student rentals (could this include Windemere??), to golf balls from their golf course hitting my car, to having to cross the tracks twice to go downtown …. And the list could go on.

    Give me a break. All the nice things that are done are overshadowed by the distractions that could have been avoided if the city leaders and the University were really concerned about them. Now things will be changed? Well lets see these things fixed.

  3. These sort of things do happen in other cities…every city in fact. There are, however, some greta things about this city and a lot worse things going on in the world than loud subwoofers and no parking. Perhaps instead of adding to the problem and conflict by being so negative you should get involved and help with the solution.

  4. Keep the focus on the problem and not personalize it with who is negative etc. These issues remain and lots of folks who have lived here for years are angry about it. Just wiping it off by stating the obvious “a lot worst things going on in the world” duh and slaming the messenger does little to fix the problem. Thousand dollar subwoofer fines and aggressive parking enforcement in problem areas would help a lot better than denile. There you have it, I just gave some advice to “help”. Now just do something that works.

  5. Well, I can’t really disagree with Tyler’s assessment of some of the problems. Yes, there are worse things going on in the world. There are worse things going on in this city, including rampant drunk driving and recent attempts by certain problem renters to intimidate complaining neighbors.

    Still, the first step in resolving these issues (after acknowledging that they need to be resolved) is working toward creating a single community in San Marcos, rather than two adversarial communities, which is what we have now.

    This is a good step in that direction. I plan to be there.

  6. We had a fair amount of difficulty signing up for this and ran into a fair amount of belligerence when trying to reach Michelle López. I hope the university is sincerely on board with this project, because it sure didn’t sound that way on the phone today.

  7. I just got in from the ACT get together. The turnout was great and everyone was very positive.

    Thanks to everyone who put this together and to everyone who participated.

  8. Ok, so all is well for now? What about those who are renting houses in R1 areas, will their property be well kept by the, or the owner or the renter(s)? Or will the city enforce the laws that are on the books already? I think Thomides had the right idea. Will the city post the ‘progress’ or lack of?

    I think the city should purchase the property behind 100 blk of S. LBJ, (behind Sean Patricks extending all the way down ) and build a multi level parking garage. All city employees and buisness owners get choice parking. Every one else use what is left and time limits enforced. This is out of the way and not unsightly. Let’s face it students will park as close as they can and use up the downtown area parking spaces.

  9. There are ongoing efforts to resolve the issues related to renter/owners, students/non-students, etc. This was just one of many steps.

    I believe there are plans to make the laws on the books more enforceable and to step up enforcement.

    As for parking, it is my understanding that there is still a plan in the works for a downtown parking garage at the current fire station location.

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