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August 2nd, 2008
Despite rainfall, Stage 1 water restrictions still on

From the city of San Marcos

The city of San Marcos is continuing Stage 1 drought restrictions due to declining Edwards Aquifer levels and predictions of continued dry weather.

San Marcos entered Stage 1 water restrictions on June 16 when aquifer levels fell to state-mandated trigger levels. Stage 1 restrictions limit use of sprinklers to one day per week and prohibit waste, among other measures.

The Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) last week lifted its regional water restrictions due to increased aquifer levels, but warned that a return to water restrictions is possible as drought conditions persist. Permitted aquifer users, such as the City of San Marcos, may enact their own restrictions.

“The rain from Hurricane Dolly provided a temporary respite from drought conditions, but we need a lot more rain before we can say the drought is over,” said Tom Taggart, Director of the City Water/Wastewater Utilities Department. “Aquifer levels did rise somewhat but are once again on the decline. We’re heading into the hottest months of the summer, and predictions are they will be dry as well.”

San Marcos Stage 1 rules have the following provisions:

  • Waste of water is prohibited.
  • Irrigation with sprinklers in allowed only one day per week on the designated week day before 10 a.m. and after 8 p.m. Designated week days are determined by street number as follows:

Addresses ending in … Designated day is

0 or 1 … Monday

2 or 3 … Tuesday

4 or 5 … Wednesday

6 or 7 … Thursday

8 or 9 … Friday

  • Non-commercial (at-home) car washing is allowed only on the designated week day.
  • Outdoor swimming pools must be at least partially covered (25% of water surface area) when not in use.
  • Filling of new decorative water features such as fountains and ponds is prohibited.
  • Washing of impervious surfaces is prohibited unless required for health and safety.
  • Restaurants may serve water only upon customer request.

Irrigation with hand-held bucket, hand-held hose, soaker hose or drip irrigation is allowed on any day and at any time. Customers are encouraged to reduce all other non-essential water uses.
Violation of the mandatory rules can result in fines of $100-$250.

The full text of the rules is available on the City of San Marcos website, If residents have questions, please contact Jan Klein, Water Conservation Coordinator, at (512) 393-8010.

The Edwards Aquifer provides water to 1.7 million Central Texans and is the source of the San Marcos Springs and the San Marcos River.

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One thought on “Despite rainfall, Stage 1 water restrictions still on

  1. How will this play out with residents like the repercussions? I was reading an article that stated restrictions like no car wash after a time, no bird baths, no lawn watering and I bumped into a solution for car wash. Has anyone ever head of a waterless car wash?

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