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August 1st, 2008
This weekend’s music picks

Scene Editor


Friday at the Cheatham Street Warehouse, Texas Renegade will grace the stage. Those Wimberley boys sure know how to bring it. Their single, “Bar Ditch,” is on the Texas charts, and pretty soon you’ll be telling everyone that you saw them at the Cheatham Street before they became mega-stars.

You can get a good earful of their talents on their myspace page. Live music, however, is what puts the charge in the musical white lightning, so try not to miss them.

Also on Friday, Lucy’s Locals Only Fest will feature the rockin’ Reggae flavor of Kallisti Gold.


The Triple Crown will feature hip-hop poets Word Association. Lucy’s will host the always enjoyable Grant Ewing and Cheatham Street will have songwriter Susan Gibson and her band (she wrote “Wide Open Spaces,” which was covered with some success by the Dixie Chicks, but you haven’t really heard a song until you hear it done by the songwriter).

Those melancholy Texans, The Catfish Hunters, will be at Emo’s, in downtown Austin, in the lounge. Not only are these local musicians pretty good, but they’ve got a great name recalling the gone-too-soon, Hall of Fame pitcher who managed to pitch his entire career with a foot full of buckshot and a missing toe (hunting accident). He died from complications due to Lou Gehrig’s disease. The Catfish Hunters sound depressed enough to handle this multifaceted, tale and they also manage to be competent musicians in the bargain. They are no James Augustus Hunter (there could only be one), but they ain’t half bad.


From 4-8 p.m., Cheatham Street will have the Grant Mazak Band, which features, not surprisingly, Texas State guitar teacher Grant Mazak. Nothing could be more soothing, before facing another week in the rat race, than spending a summer afternoon basking in the glow of good music at the Cheatham Street. Treat yourself right, pal — fill up with some good music and charge your hot, weary batteries.

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