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July 29th, 2008
Sheriff Allen Bridges receives state award

Hays County Sheriff Allen Bridges received the Crime Prevention Manager of the Year Award from the Central Texas Crime Prevention Associaton in December of 2007. On July 24, 2008, at it’s annual conference in Wichita Falls, Texas, the Texas Crime Prevention Association named Sheriff Bridges the 2007 Outstanding Crime Prevention Manager of the Year for the State of Texas.

Texas Crime Prevention Association President Tammy Snider presented the award to Sheriff Bridges at it’s awards banquet and complimented Sheriff Bridges for his proactive crime prevention efforts. Sheriff Bridges commented that “it is the the outstanding crime prevention efforts of the citizens of Hays County that make our crime prevention programs a success.”

Pictured are TCPA President Tammy Snider and Sheriff Allen Bridges.

Hays County Sheriff’s Office


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0 thoughts on “Sheriff Allen Bridges receives state award

  1. Sheriff Bridges has been a fine Sheriff for Hays County. Saved the county tons of money, too.


  2. Hmmmm. I’m interested in knowing just how you define “fine” when relating it to Bridges and his being Sheriff. Hays County is a progressive area of the state and needs a law enforcement system that is up to date and properly staffed. Bringing back retired cops and old timers waiting for retirement to serve in the upper administration definately did not keep the Sheriff’s Office up to speed with area agencies. The loss off great administrators who worked hard to bring the Sheriff’s Office out of the stoneage definately put the department back even further. If loosing great officers to other agencies and devoting time and money to shaking hands and neighborhood parties is the counties idea of saving money, then we are in a world of trouble if crime hits while bridges and his department of crime prevention officers are having cookies and punch. Lets ask the working officers if he is a “fine” Sheriff. Or, I guess we’ll have our answer come election time.

  3. Ever heard, “Don’t read a book by it’s cover?” Ever realized that things are not as you perceived them to once be? This is the case with our illustrious Sheriff, Alan Bridges.

    A good politician, our Sheriff appears to be the answer to all of our problems. An “expert” on crime prevention…an elected official (mind you he ran unopposed because it was only a two year term), he was handed the the job originally and is still struggling to lead effectively.

    Saving money you say? That sure is what it looks like. If you call investing in cheap/flimsy civilian computers for police and police cars with inadequate engines a good use of funds than shame on you. If you look into the myriad of ways that our Sheriff has “saved us money”, you will quickly see that his ways of saving are actually costing us more than they otherwise would have if he had spent a little bit more and placed the lives and safety of our officer’s above politics.

    I second the motion to ask any of the people doing the Sheriff’s work for him, true peace officers, what they think. Is he as fine as he is portrayed to be? I think not.

    Before you go to the polls this November, I encourage you to dwelve into the issues before casting your vote. Make sure that you truly know what is going on before making your decision. You will be happy you did.

  4. What has Allen Bridges done? What did he do to receive this award? What has he done to save us money? Just saying it doesn’t make it so. I haven’t met Sheriff Bridges, but why are experienced officers leaving in droves?
    I have met Bill Huddleston, his opponent. Bill is a competent law enforcement professional and a very nice person. I think he could command loyalty and would fill the positions available with experienced officers. What is Sheriff Allen Bridges doing to run all these officers off? The Statesman called it a crises.

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