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July 29th, 2008
15-year Friendship Fosters Family Festivities

Central Texas Medical Center’s Home Health honored a very special patient with a surprise birthday party, featuring cake and guests earlier this month. The Home Health Agency has been taking care of 88-year old patient Kenneth Gorbet for 15 years, the longest patient care partnership they have had. Mr. Gorbet looks forward to continuing his relationship with the nurses he has come to consider family. Mr. Gorbet became a patient of CTMC Home Health in 1993 after suffering from a severe case of shingles which caused nerve damage to the spine, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

“His medical care is not serious, but does require routine check-ups,” said Mr. Gorbet’s daughter, Terry Anne Henderson. “It was important to me that he would be able to trust his nurse, but the first two home health agencies that we worked with would send a different nurse every visit. This would not only disturb his routine, but it made it difficult for me to get the right information from the right person.”

“We were immediately impressed by the CTMC Home Health staff, they truly cared about his comfort and assigned aide, Frances Tijerina, to his care,” said Henderson. “The entire family immediately formed a relationship with Frances. It made us all feel secure knowing he was in the best possible care.”

CTMC Home Health aide, Frances Tijerina said, “For the past decade and a half, I would sit with Mr. Gorbet and listen to fantastic stories about the garden, fishing and traveling. I consider it a privilege to work with such an easy going and kind man.”

Today, with the help of his new motorized wheelchair, Mr. Gorbet spends much of his time looking out on the garden on family property in Lockhart. Henderson said, “The two things that boost his morale the most are the garden and his time spent with family, and we consider his home health nurse to be part of the family. I cannot tell you what a significant impact CTMC home health has made on my dad and our entire family.”

For more information about CTMC’s home health program, please contact Carol Trafford at 512.753.3584.



CTMC Home Health employees celebrate with Kenneth Gorbet and his family. From left to right: Angie Brunner, Carol Trafford, Terry Anne Henderson, Ardyth Haecker, FrancesTijerina, Kenneth Gorbet, Marilyn O’Brien, Hillary Esquivel, Jack Haecker, Theta Paynter and Janet Brasher.

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  1. Home health and hospice are probably the two biggest underutilized tools available in healthcare. Congrats to CTMC and their work in our community.

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