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July 28th, 2008

San Marcos’ own Funkotron has been entertaining crowds for nearly three years with their distinct blend of funk, jazz and jam music.

The band headlined at The Triple Crown on Saturday night to a packed house of dancing fans.

Funkotron got their start by playing shows throughout San Marcos at venues including Lucy’s and Tantra Coffeehouse. Last year, they released their first album, Battle for Grundelia, independently. The album is a compilation of their live performances.

Stephen Garrett, bassist for Funkotron, said the band develops their songs by holding jam sessions together.

“Our inspiration is drawn from a collaboration from every band member,” Garrett said.

“We each have our own styles and no one is trying to push too hard in one particular direction.”

Funkotron’s members each bring their unique musical training to the table, blending musical inspirations from a variety of genres including jazz, funk, rock, Latin and flamenco. The band exudes a laid-back attitude when it comes to their music, rarely using a set list for their shows. They prefer to let music let the music come naturally as the show progresses.

The band has garnered a following of devoted fans, who they jokingly nicknamed ‘the crinklers’.

Jak White, drummer for the band, said they are friends with a majority of their fans.

“The crinklers are the core group of fans who make it out to all the shows,” White said. “The sort of crinkle their way to every show.”

Keyboardist Leonard Bailey said the band does not make music for the money.

“We play for our fans and to have people dance and have a good time,” Bailey said. “It’s always a downer when we play a show and people are not dancing. We’re definitely a dance band.”

Bailey said San Marcos is a great place to foster burgeoning bands because it is close to large cities, yet maintains a small-town feel.

“The music scene in San Marcos is not convoluted,” Bailey said. “It’s a smaller scene so people know each other more.”

White said the band has no intention to sign with a recording label, and would most likely turn down a contract if offered one.

“Most likely we’ll stay independent. A couple members have sound recording backgrounds and that allows us to record our own albums.” White said. “It’s such a specific style. It’s no poppy enough for a label to want to sign but it’s likeable enough for people to want to hear it.”

White said the band plans to release another album this coming fall.

“We want to spend more time working on our next album,” White said. “There were some mistakes on our first album, but I think it adds to the character.”

Funkotron’s upcoming shows include Ruta Maya in Austin on Aug. 7 and Lucy’s San Marcos on Aug. 9.







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