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July 24th, 2008
Rotarians continue work in schools


The Rotary Club of San Marcos speaker Wednesday was Scott Gregson from He serves as Co-Owner along with Chris Doelle. The meeting was led by President David Bandy at the Price Senior Center.

Gregson spoke about a grass roots effort to raise $25,000 for a grand piano for San Marcos High School and other issues within the city. Gregson and many other community leaders have raised $10,000 of the needed $25,000 and spoke about how much community support is needed in this pursuit. He noted that giving back is so important to all of us.”

Gregson also covered economic sustainability and art/music education in our schools. He spoke about how San Marcos is the best place to live in the world and explained what limited options we have had to communicate with each other in this community. He noted that part of his vision was to create an outlet to further communication among our citizens.

Gregson said that San Marcos has many positives and what a great river resources and a great university is here in our hometown. He told the group, “We need to support our schools; it’s the right thing to do.” He spoke of how for us to be successful we must have an educated population here. “There is a wage issue here in San Marcos not a work issue.”

Gregson also mentioned that we need, as a city and people, to grow internally and we need to educate our people to stay here and offer better jobs. He said, “We have what Austin used to be.”

Gregson also spoke about how important it is for us to make sure we educate our kids well. He also noted some interesting facts that art and music should go hand in hand with our children. Our kids are four times more likely to achieve academic success and three times more likely to receive perfect attendance awards if we introduce and get our children involved in the fine arts.

In Rotary news, they discussed individuals proposed for membership which included Ronald Oswalt, Sales/PR Director proposed by Tracy Herman and Kent Schotter, and Residential Builder, proposed by Barbara Castleberry.

The group approved the starting of the EarlyAct First Knight that will be sponsored by the San Marcos Rotary Club. Developed by Knights of The Guild and Rotarians of District 5840, the program educates students, families and faculty members about Rotary history, values and ideals throughout the year.

This program will be geared toward first grade children through the fifth grades at Crockett Elementary this coming school year. The cost is high for the group to kick start this program but it was jump started by a $1,000 donation by Alan Gill. Gill said, “I’m proud to be a Rotarian.”

Patty Shaffer, San Marcos ISD Superintendent, told the group, “We have never seen a program like this, these teachings will benefit our children.”

The group also recognized visitors from last week which included Ron Oswalt and his son Hayden sponsored by David Bandy and Rick Gillham guest of Fay Gillham. Visitor Jeff Walker, Features Editor, from the San Marcos Daily Record was recognized at the meeting as a special guest.

Rotarians also noted a drive to purchase one hundred chairs for the Price Senior Center at twenty dollars each. To purchase a chair email David Bandy at

The group recognized Rotarian of the Week Diane Riojas. Diane and her husband Ted have three children, Victor, Alyssa and Julia. They also have a dachshund named Lola. Diane is a Texas State Trooper by Night and has a Mary Kay business by day. She is a Eucharistic Minister at Santa Cruz Catholic Church in Buda. She also stays involved with the Lehman High School Band Boosters.

Diane says her greatest memory as a child is spending time with her father, which passed away six years ago. She says her best work-related advice she received and would like to share is, “Apply the golden rule in everything you do.” Diane has been a Rotarian since 2008.

She is a Pirate as she graduated from Rockport-Fulton high school in 1987. She graduated from Del Mar College in Corpus Christi in 1997. She also attended Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 2000. She currently has a year left for her Master’s Degree in Secondary Education.

Her greatest accomplishment is having raised her two oldest children for ten years as a single-mom while going to college and working at least two jobs at a time. She enjoys gardening, spending time with her family, watching Julia Roberts’s movies, and traveling. She enjoys arm wrestling, as she was the 1992 Arm Wrestling Champion of Rhode Island’s state fair in 1992.

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David Bandy discusses issues with Scott Gregson prior to the Rotary meeting at the Price Center.

Jeff Walker, Features Editor, at the San Marcos Daily Record, laughs with longtime member Shirley Austin.

Ted Riojas presents roses to his wife Diane at the meeting.  Both are Texas State Troopers.

Gary Tucker of Acceptance Mortgage talks with Scott gregson about the new piano.

Tom Brooks talks with David Bandy about upcoming Rotary events.

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  1. Thanks for the picture! My husband Ted is also a Rotarian but is “temporarily” unable to attend meetings due to the DPS Academy in session (in Austin for six months). It was a GREAT surprise to see him there! Thanks for capturing “the moment”!

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