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July 22nd, 2008
A bond that crosses borders.

Peggy Apiki and Lou Gold met over a year and a half ago at Redwood Springs, they not only shared the table they ate dinner at, but also a common interest in making quilts.

This shared interest has blossomed into an incredibly needed helping hand for premature infants. The two collectively make 18-inch by 18-inch quilts and donate them to 14 area hospitals and two military hospitals abroad, one in Landstuhl, Germany and another in Okinawa, Japan. These quilts are wrapped around the premature infants and also put on top of the isolettes to add color and charm and hide the wires of a lamentable reality.

“We do this out of love, not for money, as we are a non-profit organization, and I get up every morning thinking about the quilts,” Apiki said. “God has a reason for me to be here.”

Apiki is an honorary lifetime member of the Johnson City Quilters Guild, which is how she came to find out about this project. When she moved to Redwood Springs she left all of her fabrics and sewing materials behind, which prompted her to reach out to Gold, another sewing enthusiast, who had materials to begin and carry out the project. Apiki has since then acquired a plethora of fabric and tools and the two continue meeting their monthly quota.

“I told her we could make 25 quilts a months, and we have every month,” said Gold. “Right now we’re ahead of our quota and I have eleven quilts I’m working on.”

In the beginning Apiki was a little skeptical.

“At first I thought, how are we going to do that?” Apiki said. “Maybe we could do 15. But we’ve met our quota every month.”

Both work separately out of their apartment, but visit each other numerous times during the day to see their progress and how they can help.  Apiki and Gold’s quilts are picked up monthly by a member of the Johnson City Guild and then taken to “Threads of Love” in San Antonio, who distributes them to the neonatal facilities in the hospitals.

Gold also makes tiny crocheted caps and booties for the premature infants. As of now the two have completed 215 works of art since they began February 12 of this year.


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0 thoughts on “A bond that crosses borders.

  1. What a wonderful thing these ladies are doing!

    Our love & prayers go out to them for this wonderful project! What a blessing for preemies to have home made quilts

    Jo Ann
    San Angelo

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  3. These ladies represent the best of what San Marcos has to offer. I have seen what both Redwood and Merrill Gardens offer our senior citizens and I am so glad that you guys are focusing on the positives in our community not just the police blotter. Both of these fine places let our seniors age gracefully and with dignity.

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