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July 18th, 2008
7 Dirty Comics – a review

The Triple Crown played host to an outrageous comedy show dedicated to the late comedy star George Carlin Wednesday night. Since Carlin was known for his “seven dirty words,” the show featured seven dirty comics from all over Texas, and when they said dirty…well, they meant it!Hosted by local comedian Nick Aluotto, the show entertained a packed house. Members of the audience were doubled over in laughter as each comic poked good, dirty fun at everything and everyone from Wal-Mart to Nickelback. Aluotto kicked off the show with his sharp and witty remarks about car names, prayer in school, “no fear” bumper stickers, and the frequency of new tacos at Taco Bell. He set the tone for a fantastic evening of comedy.

Following Aluotto was Shawn Maddox, a musically inclined comedian who played guitar and sang hilarious original songs about stalking, attractive grandmas and one-eyed cats. His act was creative and incredibly entertaining.

Next onstage was a young man from San Antonio named Larry Garza, who pleased the crowd with awesome impressions and many over-the-top sexual jokes that prompted a few “ohhhhh”‘s from the audience. He definitely went there, which was just as refreshing as it was amusing.

David Evans, another comedian from San Antonio, had a more relaxed sense of humor and wasn’t as in-your-face as much as the other comics. His impression of an awkwardly bad comic was really original and got some great laughs.

Of course it wouldn’t be a great comedy show without some political humor, and that’s exactly what Jay Whitecotton brought to the stage. His jokes were definitely shocking, but at the same time they were truthful and brought up a lot of people’s issues with politics and religion (in a funny way, of course). He stayed true to George Carlin’s humor by being ridiculously funny with absolutely no boundaries.

Probably the most entertaining comic of the night was a young man from Houston named John Garr. He had the ability to turn into any kind of character you can imagine. He was great at using different accents and dialects, and he used his entire body when he did his impressions. Every character was over-the-top and hilarious. Garr also interacted with the crowd many times, which made it a ton of fun. This guy is a truly talented comedian and could easily have a hit show on Comedy Central.

The show wrapped up with Rob Mungel, the older and wiser comic of the bunch. Mr. Mungel had a booming voice and immediately connected with the audience. He talked about marriage, divorce and the aftermath of it all, complete with strip club references and jokes about alcohol. The most unique part of his performance was that he used the microphone as a prop. You can tell this guy has been around a long time and really knows how to work a crowd. He did a fantastic job.

Overall, this show was ridiculous, over-the-top, outrageous, and highly entertaining. It would have made George Carlin proud.

Keep a look out for these seven dirty yet talented comedians, because they are not to be missed!


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