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July 17th, 2008
Newstreamz holds take your child to work day

Take Your Child to Work Day is a day in which parents get to take their children into the workplace. It provides an opportunity for children to be introduced to the world of work, and for them to find out what their parents do at work.

Hayden Oswalt, seven years old, participated today and followed his father, Ronald Oswalt, around San Marcos and learned more about Newstreamz and what it takes to be a 24/7 news source.

Hayden Oswalt said, “I like to play at work and have fun with Dad and Mr. Chris, and staying with my Dad the whole day.”

The observance was first held in 1993 and was called Take Our Daughters to Work Day. By the year 2000, over 25 million children participated in the event at various dates. Today many firms have expanded the observance to include sons as well as daughters.

The San Marcos Independent School District also celebrated this special date today also.

Newstreamz employees were encouraged to bring their children with them on Wednesday to learn about their parents’ job duties and responsibilities. The day is designed for children to think imaginatively about their family and the community, connecting what they have learned at school with the actual working world.

Hayden participated in a staff meeting, visits to area businesses like the coffee pot, HEB, and working with intern Justin Garcia and he attended the San Marcos Rotary meeting, however, after a busy eight hour day he was ready to go home to his mother and start winding down from a busy day at

Hayden said,” I really liked the Rotary meeting the best and working at Newstreamz. Chris and the guys at Newstreamz are smart.”

Please follow below for photos of Hayden busy at Newstreamz.

From Staff Reports


Hayden Oswalt hits the lights before 8 a.m. to start the day at


Steve Searle assist Hayden Oswalt in drawing for the Rotary door prize.


Justin Garcia, Intern, helps Hayden develop a customer database.


Hayden checks his email and watches changes go up on newstreamz.


Hayden works with COO Chris Doelle about rules of the office.


Hayden gets his break at the Coffee Pot ten minutes into his busy day.

Staff Photos

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